Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The last 7 days

Really can't believe that Ramadhan has nearly come to its end. Alhamdulillah, cubaan I untuk jadi full timer hijabist almost sampai ke penghujung. But seriously betul lah theory yang orang selalu cakap, if you wanna try something, try to practice it in 3weeks time, you'll be able to adapt/cope with it afterwards. I macam sekarang dah jadi obsess gila dengan beautiful and colourful scarves, I've started collecting scarves anyway, tu lah I said before I can't promise anything sebab this is kinda percubaan but who knows? I'll try to wear scarf most of the time lepas ni sebab I mcm received a lottttt of heartwarming encouragements from people tau. Alhamdulillah lagi sekali. For those yang rasa I pelik bertudung tu I hope uols boleh lah start positive thinking habit from now, jangan nak dok buruk sangka memanjang. Yelah good things are meant to be shared kan? Yang baik dahulu kan yang kurang baik inshaAllah elakkan. Good thing pakai scarf ni? Rasa tertutup, dapat good feedback from all sorts of people surround me, I like the vibes better though. Rasa everyone terima you, kalau before nak bergaul dengan yang 'pious' tu segan sikit. Annnnd guess what, mom looked so happy to see me wearing scarf sampai last time before ktorang nak pergi airport usually she'll nag at me for always and alwaysssss being late and take longer time to get ready, tapi last time she said to my brother 'Its okay let her take her time, biar dia, ma suka tengok dia pakai tudung' hikhikhik gedik jap. Sooooo, people di hari-hari yang terakhir, I harap sangat kita sama-sama dapat collect amalan, I love Ramadhan because I can see many people done too much of good deeds , wherever I go. Isn't it a good sight to see? Welcoming the Eid Ul Fitr and sending goodbye to the Ramadhan. Sedihnya but, hope to see the next coming Ramadhan InshaAllah :) 

Muka mengada nak raya hahaha

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