Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Happy Birthday Zee

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 15th.

Its my bestie's birthday today. 
Something came up that morning and spoiled the first-plan so I instantly drafted the second plan. 
Thank you Fafa because you helped me with the balloons and cake.
Thank you Zee's sister as a good secret keeper.
Thank you Zee's daddy for letting me hided inside the house to surprise her.

SO the plan happened to be like this, I menyorok dekat dalam rumah dia while her sister was driving back home from IKEA sebab birthday girl was craving tahap critical dah that day, then I cepat-cepat lit up the candles ( I was so nervous though, sebab tk tahu guna stove kt kitchen dia hehe ) and birthday girl ingat the door was locked tau, dia pun busy buka pintu tu, my sandals I memang dah nyorokkan and my car pun I parked jauh, so dia memang didn't expect I ada dalam rumah. Once the door was unlocked je (she said pelik sikit because ada balloons behind of the door but she just thought yang her dad might be the one wh, I muncul from the kitchen with cake and sang Happy Bday song for her. SHE WAS REALLY SURPRISED THOUGH! Hahahahahha I could see it from her face. Then next is you know, acara makan-makan sikit then its open-card session. And again, I tak tahu lah spell apa I wrote down dalam card tu sampai this sweetheart also cried in front of me and hugged me. Maybe I because I really felt what she felt. Good friends semua dah flew off to Germany and Daniele & I pula dekat Sarawak so macam she feels really lonely. But soon, dia nak pergi Unikl Melaka dah so, I hope she could make good friends there. Anyway baby, God bless you on your birthday and I love you x

Sedikit potongan wish from the birthday card: 

Honey, I know lately you feel ultimately lonely that I guess you’d never imagined to feel it; upon the distance-relationship, upon the distance-bestfriendship. I feel you. I’m sorry if these either recent weeks or months, there is a gap between us, so little time we spare for each other to chat and talk, I feel bad really bad for this until sometimes we could be really cold, right! But, Zee as I’ve told you frequent times, whenever you need me, I’ll always be there standing by your side. I wanna always hear your happy, sad, disappointed, excited, nervous stories from you. You are the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for and I appreciate everything about you. Thank you so much Zee, for everything. I’m ridiculously lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see what our friendship brings in the future.

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