Monday, 30 April 2012

6decades later

Haha seeeeeeeee how the faces would definitely change to the super-awesomely-ugly.
And yes, I suddenly got the idea of using this photo for my wedding invitation card soon.
With the caption, hingga hujung nyawa.  Then I was thinking that, they might laughing so hard for this card that they'd think that 'Gila ke hape anne ni tkda kojeee'
Well, I'll take that as something that impresses people and steal my idea.
Hahha but somehow I think, these creepy shots are just for close friends, because can you imagine what is the eldest (uncle & aunty level) 's impression later? iDie!
I dont want my reception,been ended up with just few people see me on my wedding-dress :3
But seriously I like the idea..
You dont know how I really adore his face with the wrinkle-skin and barely see his lips like dry-lips and his smiling eyes are still there, he's still adorable in this shot I can tell, honestly.

And all the current news that we know, about the early marriage had suddenly urged me to reach the phase of married-lady. Its not that I don't wanna spend my bachelor time, its just the matter of the one who I usually spend time with, go out with, and always be with. The excitement would increases when the one we love are officially and legally , be our husband.

We as muslims, chose the right path. End up with early marriage isn't that bad, tons of benefits we'll see sooner or later. I believe in God. And you don't know how I really hope the possibility for us to have an early-marriage. I just want it to happens.

p/s : see you in less than 25days darling..xo

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gold glass

For the Avengers.
Its worth my time for a longgggg-queue up and the unusual seat (seat bawah uolls)
Still, I'm fully satisfied!

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Today we fight like married couple,
but then we can talk again like bestfriends,
and we really care and protect like we're twin.
All that strengthen our love, even when we feel like giving up on each other.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm sorry.

I've been awoken before the dawn, by the ring of my phone. Isn't the alarm to wake me up, but only a little buzz from him on bbm. He left me only one message, that at first I read it w/ my eyes half-opened yet to be widen after I saw him mentioned someone's name. It's your name. Yes you, the one who gave me called few weeks back. ( Why am I writing this in a so dramatic way? I'm totally mind fucked ha ha)
Well, nothing much about this, its only about someone whom I shouldn't get in touch with, but this stubbornness of me had finally di kesan oleh Mr.Hubs, on twitter. Its not that I wanted to cheat on you or lie to you, its only the matter of being friend with someone in the past. Okay but I know, all this while every single thing I'll let you know, but exclude this thing. So I'm really sorry for I have hurt you unintentionally(tho, you said you're not hurt) heh, I know you okay, PELAKON :P Oh yah ,thanks for you accepted my apology. Remember, that you're my only good friend, super bestfriend, partner, defender, lover and pet. You are my life, my only love, and my leader. Every beat of my heart, is for you. I owe you to be worthy of such devotion. I love you, I always do.  

Love, Aina.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I keep quiet when I think that it is not necessary for me to talk.
Remember, your words would start to not make sense when you speak too much of nothing.
So, I start to listen and observe..

Monday, 23 April 2012


The first experience I had today, the beginning step of being a teacher.
I came to school not as a student, not as sister, not as cousin or daughter anymore.
I came with a new breath
Fresh minded and one vision.
To educate children.

Ha ha amazing right. 
Well I don't know the feeling of being one (teacher)
I told mom that I am still don't know if I can help myself bcs today, it doesn't help me on that.
I felt nothing, I just came and giving instruction and ran the game.
I applied mom's teaching's technique. 
Its worked, I can tell.
Well, I just hope that one day my heart would be fully open for this job.
Train myself to really love this field.

Friday, 20 April 2012


Because of been drowned with work, and busy updating unimportant things on this blog
This odd feeling jerit-jerit asked me to update about my brother.

Last Friday, if not mistaken on 13th of April,
he updated something on his facebook, I was totally never thought of anything serious
I just saw the bowling game changed to golf
I thought he is going to participate himself the next day for golf tournament
but then the next day, I got text from mom told me that

'I just got back from visiting abang, he was diagnosed to have bone cancer and gonna operate this Tuesday'

Can you imagine how I feel that time I received that unexpected text?
Macam nak gugur jantung..
You know how it feels right if one your family member been diagnosed to any disease
Unless you dont care about them, you'd surely not worried about it.

I am here, and they were at home.
I feel separated, I am not allowed to go home, I've only been informed with a little info.
But I know why mom did so, because she doesn't want me to feel disturbed with this news.
Well, I respect that.
So, today I heard that my brother had discharged from KPJ Kajang this afternoon.
I feel grateful, but I feel really sorry, sympathy and sad for my brother because
though the operation went well, I know that he still can't believe for this fate.

Look at his jari manis, macam ada hole dekat tengah tengah tu right? 

But thank God bone cancer dia tak merebak, and been detected earlier before it become worst.
And what makes my sympathy grew higher is; tulang ni di ganti dengan tulang pingang.
Which I know, the effect will shown up at his olden days in future.
But well, I just can pray for you and I want you to be strong abang.
You know you have us, and your wife and you little cute kids with you.

We all love you, abang..

Thursday, 19 April 2012


The emotional disturbance kills me.
I pray for the strength and bless, ya Allah the Almighty and the Avenger against evil.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

For my dearest girl

Darling, beautiful girl..

please get up, widen your eyes, rise for the sake of your life
if things happen to only hurt your heart and feeling
just stop falling in love
I know you are hurt, deep inside you..
Your facial expression was all the time fake
you ain't happy lately
if things happen to only hurt your heart and feeling
just get over it.
I can't help for having this pretty much sympathy for you
I can see your love lighten up for him
and so I can see your giving up feeling shining
I feel really sorry for you..
Be strong darling, we're here to help you to stand and shine again.
When you're ready.

I dont know whether you read this or not, but since you have my blog I hope you'll read. I just want to let you know that no matter what happens, I am here. You know how to reach me, anywhere anytime. You be strong, be good and be matured on whatever decision you'll do for yourself. I know you're big enough to choose whats best for you. Thats all from me. Te amo, sweety.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Me gusta

"I have finished watching Vanilla Coklat episode 1 to 13"

I can tell this movie is so addictive, I've been marathoned this movie for 3 times..
And still I love it.


ELF basically stand for English Language Games.
Actually the event is still running but I curi-curi online to blog hehe
Well, I know people might have questions such
"Err...Anne what is that elf?"
"Oh, those games are between who & who?"
"Bayar ke? :O"
"Ramai ke datang? Dapat sambutan ke?"

Please, any event if you put extra efforts and spent the free times,
just to make it run smoothly of course lah insyaAllah dapat sambutan right.

This, event sebenarnya is for school children.
Which, the aim of this event is to keep them away from PSP,Playstation, Xbox, Angry Birds, and those gadgets that sound familiar nowadays.

Our class chose to run the Singing-activities. At first, as what have been set up,there got 3 stations tau ; Guess the Song, Continue the Lyrics and Sing-a-long .
And, for it obviously we would rather chose to sing along right. So after an hour the program is on run, someone proposed to let it be only one activity which is Sing-a-long together with dance. I can see the kids and even students from other campus really enjoyed the nursery songs we played.

Its not only for proficiency, vocab, guessing, and singing it has its own sentimental value and brings back our childhood memories which I always feel like getting back to those little princess's time. But no matter what I still mummy & daddy's little princess instead of my sister, ha ha ha no lah kidding love (if you read this :P)

But sadly saying, because of the lame wifi connection here, I can't upload the photographs yang I snapped, and all those are my class's photos . I have no intention to take photos of other classes activity. No appetite hahaha. Alright then, I guess that I've spent a good little time here. So see you on another update.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A lil bit relieved

Well, past few days I've been so down, and upset etc. Then there comes last night, when I was sitting alone at the back of the lecture room, my two girls were telling me about something that they're unsatisfied with. I mean not something but someone, the moment they speak out about the same person I felt relieved. Means I'm not the only one who is facing / having that uneasy feeling towards that anonymous. Probably, if you read this please change your attitude. You ought to do so, we know you're good or you yourself think you're better,but please the way you act, isn't right. It makes people have that not-so-good-impression on you. I know I'm not perfect either, but the way you treat me all this while, been torturing me so much. I'm tired of you..

Anyway, not a big deal anymore.
Certain things sometime led us thinking based on our level of maturity,
it might help us to be a better thinker and doer.
Anything happens in this world has its own reason.


For the tragedy of yesterday, the earthquake in Acheh Indonesia, that gave big shocked and the quake happened for twice, I just can wish and pray for those that included are all in good condition and safe. Stay away from beach or any water-activities.

And for us, who are excluded and still are still protected from any earth-disaster, be grateful. That's how God tests us. To remind us, how we shouldn't negligent and careless.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


You, thanks for calling.
It has been awhile since I last talked to you.
And such words you gave me after you listened to my story.
Nice of you..

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Today I learnt, how a leader need to have a good emotional balance, stable commitment and the patience. I learnt, how I shouldn't cry over small things occurred, and admit that a leader should't has that feeling of easily give up. I see people around me, the environment I live, obviously the air I breath the land I stand and the atmosphere I feel were so different than my own place. Then I just realize I should be happy with this kind of life, should bear with it for another 4years. But for the part of leadership, for my own sake I am seriously failed. Physical, mental and emotional. Maybe because I've been so pampered by family before, so I barely have the strength to lead or to face people that against me or people that are different from my casualness. Today, I cried for I have this fate. For I weak in handling small matters. But maybe in another years, I'll be really mentally prepared to participate myself on that leadership stuff. But for now, I wanna be ordinary worker learn and gain more would be better. So cheers! For me and others.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm back.

It has been a very long while since I last updated my blog. I've been very busy with classes, assignments, mock exam, language games, few events, drama & agendas. Well it sounds like daaaa over sangat. But seriously I was that busy. Only tonight I have that feeling of spending some times I mean my free time to blog. I was ever have that thought of writing something could release your stress. 

Well, a few of my friends are in their "hijrah' phase. They're permanent hijabis! I can't help but to feel happy and supportive for all of them. A big step, from those days when almost all of us weren't wearing hijab.

So my post today is going to be about support. Your friends are moving on, leaving their bad habits. Okay I'm trying to put this into a bigger context, it's not just confined to wearing hijab etc. It's about leaving away the socially, physically and mentally unhealthy things that we have been doing. 

Well I'm saying this because I myself did things that I am not proud of.

But some people are just unhappy when we decide to leave those things behind and aren't willing accept the changes that we have made. They want to see us repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Why? I don't know. Probably because they themselves aren't brave enough to make a change. 

When you see your friend leaving his or her bad behaviour, support them. Don't mock or condemn them with malicious words etc. Yes, they might have done a lot of mistakes in their lives all along, but when they start changing for the better, support them. Why rake up old matters? It's time for them to change, and that's why they do.

Anyway, congratulations hug (from distance) for Sonim , Dya , Yasmeen because you really give me the encouragement of being one of them. And no worries, all of you are looking really beautiful.