Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2 things in 1 day

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 13th.

Venue : Pakli Kopitiam, Sec 7 Shah Alam.
Lunch with Asya Amira, my favourite girl when I was at Uitm Kuantan for Foundation of Law.
You know what made me feel good about the catch up? 
We were still as good as before, as crack as before, as crazy as ever!
Not a single awkward moment that afternoon, macam biasalah committed sin sikit ( GOSSIP GIRLS kan ) haha.

 Asya, the pretty pan-asian look girl.

Venue : Bukit Jugra, Banting Selangor.
So was driving back home from Shah Alam and I had this plan and straight away whatsapped Hareez for jogging + hiking at Bukit Jugra, dengan my bestie Zee. So the plan is on. Seriously uols, this place is a good place for jogging sebab dia lebih kurang macam Broga Hill but tak thrill macam Broga ( because way uphill to the peak kan mcm tanah merah very licin kan) this Bukit Jugra, jalan bertar you can either jogging/walking/ cycling/ riding/ driving. Just Google je Bukit Jugra then you may get many info from there and the most important thing is, the view is SOOOO BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING!

Zee was the one who captured this, tengok belakang so nice kan!

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