Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mommy and daughter night

Not as in the night yang keluar berjimba ye uols. We all ni jenis malas nak keluar memalam ( except for family dinner / getaway ), malam is family and movie time! But ada that one evening, mommy came home from office with two-three plastic bags yang dalam dia ada ingredients for baking! 

Me    : Maaaaaa? Are you okay? What are these ingredients?
Mom : For cake. I was browsing through something on the net at the office td, saja je nak try this one cake
Me    : What cake?
Mom : Chocolate cheese cake.
Me    : First time lah kan?
Mom : Yes, if tak jadi takyah buat lagi hihihi

So I pun tolong mommy putar-putar tu then all the cliche processes dia buat sendiri,and the extra ingredients tu I buat Caramel Pudding Bread paling simple. Couldn't remember the recipe but uols may Google lah MyResipi ada banyak recipe yang very easy and simple, for beginners memang membantu lah juga. So as for the final product my pudding turned out nice but too sweet and mom's cake wasssss the BOMB! sampai buat lagi the next day and sampai my sister sanggup balik rumah after kerja jauh-jauh tu semata-mata nak makan cake. Dia and my brother in law siap bawa bekal chocolate cheese  cake pergi kerja giteww hahaha well "mom's cook is always the best" right?

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