Saturday, 9 November 2013

Rugged Ruggers

Hello uols. Sejak finals week, mood nak update blog membuak buak memanjang. Rasa biadap je sebab selalu curi waktu study untuk update sekejap. But..okay no but. So today iols plan nak duduk bilik and revision sampai muntah but apa kan daya the ruggers today ada tournament so I pun decided to tutup notes and gotten myself ready for their final game. Tak sangka my boys ni teror sampai final I actually ingat sampai semi je sebab ada budak tu demam hehehehe sorry. But nah, anyway all salutations go to our AWESOME RUGGERS! So malas nak banyak cakap sangat I nak show off gambar je for today.

Up, from left : Raimi , Habib , Fikri , Ali , Imran , Aaron
Bottom, from left : Ijai , Ridhwan (pisang), Ewan (mamu).
Ni lah gang bikers saya haha we all ride Yamaha jew

Aaron, behave !

Habib, behave !

Habib lagi, behave! 

Aaron, calm your tits please HAHA

Champion on run 

Mamu, unbotton! 

Pisang , behave! 

Freestyle 1

Freestyle 2

Mr Manager and Mr Arrogant hahahahahahah

Gf dia mohon baca blog I, tengok lah dia ni.

Photo requested by Habib 

Photo requested by Aaron hahaha

Cuba tengok siapa senyum paling manis hahahaha

Ijai je senyum tak nampak gigi aih.

Eh siapa rugger yang kuning tu, rugged nya hahaha

Menang bergambar je iols hahaha

p/s : iols bukan menggedik ye tengok rugby, sebab iols kalau tengok rugby tk gedik, iols jadi manly sekejap haha.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Judge or not judge.

"Don't worry, I don't judge"
"Lek lah, count on me I'm open lah"

Familiar tak dengan these saying dan yang sewaktu dengannya? Bet you do. Whenever I dengar someone saying that, all I can say (dalam hati) 'bullshit' (!) because kita semua judge.

These recent days, I have self-issue which I will cry every single night so far until tonight masih lagi berlaku activity wajib tu. I pun rasa I macam suffer dengan mental-illness. I've been isolating myself from everyone, hang out alone in my room and barely talk (means barely keluar kan suara except that I karaoke syok sendiri) So I rasa lonely gila. So topic I sekarang, sepanjang I mendiamkan diri without any solid reason, I did reflect on few things that I think good to be reflected aka that are reflected for good haha ayat teacher terabur.

Well okay; we all judge. There might be at some points, someone does things that you dislike or you actually fine with, you don't say a thing about it, you don't display your disagreement/agreement, you still treat that person the same way you always do, but hey, admit it, whatever he/she did, it still gives an impression to uols kan, either good or bad je percaya lah ada even sebesar zarah.

Not going against someone does not mean you don't judge them sebab maybe uols memang jenis pendam or pendiam or malas nak fikir. Lets say, there's a person whom you talk to about religion, but you know for a fact that he or she is not on the same page as you. At the same time, you don't backfire what they say. You know better not to say things that would lead to a fight or ketidakpuasan hati (secara dalaman kan) because you have already understood that its their style. That's already judging. 
You have already labelled that someone as being religious, so you wouldn't talk to him/her about certain things. At the same time, you have already labelled some other friends as someone who takes religion very lightly, so you wouldn't mind telling him. And that's already judging.

And as for my situation at the moment, does not mean that I don't mingle around I've stopped having this judging-thoughts (or more to wondering). Because sepanjang I duduk dalam bilik, I've been wondering what actually my friends think of me that I am no longer talk and share and more to being too secretive. What do they think of me? Bad? Poyo? Mengada? or maybe like Maybe she has a problem? That's labeling. In all my life, never a day I stop thinking about what people talk about me and what I think of others whenever I see them passing. And what should I do to make them stop talking and for me to stop criticizing. Maybe for my situation, I should socialize more and talk to them normally I mean like usual. But for the mean time, why do I have this thought that SOME of them stared at me differently (different than usual) and SOME seemed to be like have no more interest to talk to me, even when I tried. Then when I did try to start the conversation, and such negative feedback hurt me even. Then I'd have another judgmental thought of 'maybe he or she doesn't feel comfortable with me anymore' or 'maybe he or she thinks I look too desperate to talk to him/her nah nevermind!' Mana lah tak sedih and mana lah some people like me tak stay silence because of people's reaction and impression that I often concern about. Hence I decide to remain like what I am now because I know, it will be hard to bear the unbearable and hard to be judged and to continue judging.

Now let me ask you. Have you ever come across this situation?Actually, we have nothing against that someone, really. But we can't help to disagree / be unsatisfied, although quietly, because we know the reality. We know how he or she is like for real because let's say, we used to be close him/her, we used to do all the bad things together. That's already judging. Your friend is judging that someone as a good person, but you'd think that your friend's judgement is overrated. 

Having impressions about someone is judging. Whatever I am going through right now, that uols not in the same shoes, let me be. I am in the process of observing. To stay afar from the situation that will make me talk or so eager to know about others because then I will start to judge and judge and judge.

That's why it's always advisable to not disclose your weaknesses and mistakes. Not just your own, but someone else's. That's why Islam tells us to "jangan buka aib orang". Because we all judge, no matter what. 
Stop saying that you don't judge. We all do. That's my point. We all judge. I judge. You judge. But some choose to not disclose their judgments  some choose to disclose. Bukan senang nak trying to change something actually, when I hidup sensorang dalam bilik and only social networking and books keep me company macamni rasanya hidup tak bersocial sunyi and sangat menyiksakan. Maybe I should stop trying or try to be less hard with myself because not talking to the people I used to talk everyday is actually, sucks. However, hey you can't really tell people that they can't judge. By doing that, you're already judging that person as someone who likes to judge because we hardly stop judging. 

Pening tak banyak sangat vocab judge? Hahaha so, renung-renungkan :)
p/s : Some ideas are retrieved from Ha's blogspot.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Annual Dinner

Venue : Riverside Majestic Hotel.
Theme : Pastel Colour
P/s      : I wear tudung kay hiks, nak feeling hijabista ah sikit haha.

 Hi iols lah ni malam tadi

 Appetizer weols ala ala korean kay haha

From left Nick, Billy, Fatin and iols

Azu and adorable gegirls I

 My gang gang peninsular 

 Yazid ( Yaya nama gedik ) tengok lah ni pun gedik kay haha

Apit ( Pete nama omputeh ) abang Ninja I.
Dia BFF Yazid. Both of them are leaving soon :( 

 My buddyz! Class uols tadi, semua comeh!

My little PIC kat sini, selalu I culik bawa keluar tapi lepas accident... :( haha emo

 Candid shot dengan Imyan (bukan nama sebenar)

 Table hotstuffs TESL 3

Muka Imran ni serious macam highschool boy hahaha membesar please

Last but not least, boys yang I selalu ride with. 
Kalau lepak dengan theyols mesti hilang ke-femininity-an I kejap. 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tips Before You Boarding

Jarang lah update blog, sebab selalu online through smartphone je, not that I could not update my blog kat phone cuma tak feeling kalau update kat phone. Kalau update dari laptop baru rasa awesomeball sikit, sampai one of my friends said "Anne, you betul-betul tak dengar apa I cakap dengan you kan? You tengah buat essay APTIS ke?" Sarcastis sungguh si polan hahaha but nevermind I suka feeling writer ni. Maklum lah thats the only time yang I dapat get myself really immersed into my own world.

(APTIS means English proficiency test for Tesl students / all English educators to assess and raise international English language, designed by British Council )

So tips hari ini adalah genuine tips from me sebelum boarding. Airport and I, dah macam tak dapat di pisahkan (since I suka sangat balik rumah) and since airplane ni adalah transportation penting untuk bebudak oversea (gitewww haha). I pun macam tertarik nak tulis entry ni sebab there are some people yang tak berapa nak sesuai gaya and cara untuk boarding tu. Not that I am trying to critic tapi nak share personal opinion je.   

1. Avoid wearing heels yang mcm KLCC.
  • Serious talk lah kan, celebrities pun boarding pakai casual, flat shoes je. Sebab kalau korang pakai heels kan, kan ada stairs yang before we enter the the clamshell-style door on the aircraft tu kan, tahu tak seksa nak kena tunggu masuk tu, seriously uncomfortable habis. So I suggest for travelling kan, pakai je yang flat sole shoes, comfortable and fabulous benefit dia adalah kalau uols punya flight dah last call, still boleh lari macam Usain Bolt.
2. Avoid wearing fancy dress yang too labuh.
  • I bukan lah taknak kasi uols ni bergaya, okay je kan sopan and adorable but some ladies agak-agak lah kalau dress tu too labuh or menyusahkan walaupun you look good, boleh je pakai next other time. I know airport tu exclusive-kind-of place but dress up lah yang bersesuaian. Kalau yang short skirt or denim skirt tu its okay tak menyusahkan and look casual, ni yang labuh-labuh sangat nak naik flight memang tak berapa nak sesuai sebabnya dah lah kat situ macam you'll have to cramp in crowd, pastu nak kena queue, nak kena tarik/carry your hand luggage, kalau ladies lagi nak bawa handbag lagi, pastu kat atas nak kena angkat your luggage kat tempat cabin atas seat tu, OMG menyusahkan. I mean bukan tak boleh, tak di galakkan je. Sebab uols nampak tak comfortable, pakai seluar or jeans or palazo pun manis juga kan.
3. Avoid crossing the queue time nak show your pass.
  • Common sense lah kan I rasa, be respectful. Its like you know orang tu dah queue kat front line, yang awak taknak queue awal-awal tadi tu kenapa. I mean memang lah takkan nak bertumbuk kat situ sebab potong line je, tapi show some courtesy lah kan. Kalau dah rasa nak masuk awal, queue terus yang dok termenung kat tepi tu buat crowd-watching kenapa. 
4. Avoid coming late.
  • Walaupun rumah like 30mins from airport (macam I) I pun datang awal like 2 hour early tau. Bukan lah apa sebab ada this one time konon-konon nak experiment lah datang lambat sikit. Masa tu nak boarding ticket 700bucks punya, sekali dia kata "Sorry, your luggage can no longer be checked in because the counter for your flight has been closed 5mins ago" I was like WHUT! I pun dah sentap kat situ. Ran straight to the boarding gate, sekali hampa sebab dia kata "Sorry miss, kita dah tarik our stairs from plane and pintu dah tutup" MENANGIS I kat situ. Hahaha takut nak balik punya pasal sebab takut kena bebel dengan dadsy sebab missed flight yang mahal melampau tu, I pun decided tu stay and booked another ticket. Nasib baik murah (walaupun bukan bayar sendiri haha). But hey, whatever it is, just come early okay? Kadang-kadang traffic jam lagi-lagi LCCT tu. So better early than missed flight okay. Maybe this post sesuai tu untuk my girlfriend, Sarah sebab always comes late haha.
5. Avoid talking too loud on the airplane.
  • This point is credited to somebody sebab last time when we were on the same flight, dia cakap punya kuat then I called dia KG (kampung) hahaha. You know, sebab the space dalam flight kan macam not so spacious right and if you cakap secara gentle pun people can still hear you. So mohon lah perlahan kan suara anda especially nak cakap benda-benda yang sweet / personal / manja-manja. Unless lah uols in a travel-group boleh lah buat havoc dalam plane, mood riang ria travelling dalam plane tu wajib kan.
6. Avoid makan durian before you boarding.
  • Iols bukan lah nak ala-ala western ke hape, tapi agak-agak lah. Boleh je uols makan, tapi kalau burp tolong lah burp dekat handkerchief ke apa ke.Ni tak, burp secara terbuka mana orang tak panas hati. Kalau kau duduk sebelah matsaleh mesti dia dah mencarut bahasa Italy kay. Bleghh
7. Practice tidur secara parallel. 
  • Ni bukan macam kereta uols taknak tidur, paling-paling mesti ter-nap like 10mins. Because, dekat atas tu takda flora or advertisement boards yang boleh tengok semua awan je. So mesti sleepyhead gila kat atas. I suggest kan yang tak biasa tu practice lah tidur secara tegak, kalau uols travel sorang lah. Sebab possibility untuk terlentok kat orang sebelah ialah 89.99% kay hahahaha so yeah.
8. Avoid putting off your shoes.
  • UNLESS: its your new shoes or its clean and smells good. Otherwise jangan berangan lah nak bagi keselesaan kat kaki sebab ia akan memberi ketidakselesaan kepada nostril orang berdekatan. Tak kisah lah socks bersih ke apa ke, tak payah nak mengada-ngada bukak kasut. Kalau nak selesa pakai sandals je or slipper. Comfortable and easy.
9. Practice being friendly.
  • Kalau dah travel sensorang tu, tak reti nak jadi friendly sikit ke? Ringan kan mulut say hi to the man or woman next to you. Kalau dia can speak Malay, just speak Malay. Kalau uols prefer to communicate in English then use English. I believe most of us can speak English really well kan, so whats the matter. Time ni lah nak practice communication and social skill uols. Ala balun je tanya dia from where, to where (obviously ask the specific place lah if dah sama flight dgn uols of course you know to where ask the specific destination), his job, his salary..hahahah mata duitan kau! etc etc lah.
10. Practice not being too skema.
  • Skema tau skema? Not as in that English of scheme tu, its like skema as in too-innocent tu. I ni bukan apa, I as soon as the plane landed je kan I terus switch on my phone, takda maknanya nak biar dia dalam mode airplane sampai ke gate. Okay for instance lah kan, uols actually supposedly arrived at 9.45pm. Tapi that time dah 10.05pm, then someone is waiting for you dekat arrival hall tu, on je lah phone tu takyah nak takut sangat. Inform that person yang you'll be late. Bukan meletup pun flight tu kalau uols on your phone. Kalau I, if it was dad who's waiting kan, dah lambat mesti 10 missed calls dah ada time I on phone tu. But I faham youngsters cm iols ni first thing yang kita akan buat as soon as we landed, switch on phone and.. TWEET hahaha. "Just landed" / "Hello London, I am here!" / "Ah, so good to be back!" kan kan!

So, I hope all tips above akan membantu. Actually not really a tips lah its like suggestion or opinion I untuk orang orang yang I think need this. Its very useful though kalau uols renungkan and amalkan :P well thats that. Till then! 

Muka Kekna (bajet Hanis Zalikha haha) time nak boarding. 
Cam happy jew cam happy jew :P

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Weeks after weeks..

Last met her was my birthday tu lah rasanya?
Eh no no last was that day yang mumsy kirim heels dinner kat dia and we met tu pun kejap je.
But you know, even we don't meet our bestfriend often, but we can still laugh to each other's lame joke walaupun lama tak dengar lame joke dia and tak dengar cerita dia. Tu BEE EF EF nama dia haha.
Tadi pun jumpa jap jew, tapi dapat jugak lepas rindu and sayang. Chup chup!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Fafa's Birthday Game

Hello uols kembali lagi ke segment birthday I. Maybe I should have separate entry or part or folder or whuteverrr you name it, like for birthday, for getaway post, for recipe, for tips etc etc. Ala-ala blogger femez tu. Teringin juga nak masuk toplist walaupun blog tak gah mana, berangan tu penting k uols.

So harini kan hari Isnin. So siang tadi siang Isnin (malam ni pun still Monday).
So tadi kan I buat pre-celebration of Fafa's birthday. Selalunya I celebrated birthday dia kita g makan je makan cake lah apa lah. (k tk lah selalu baru 2 kali include yang siang tadi dah yang ketiga lah). But this year I asked my besfeng if she had anything on mind to share kan untuk celebration. Then dia listed down kan lah some ideas:

- Celebrate dalam GoldCinema, like dah habis/before movie tu suruh org bawa cake masuk and nyanyi.
I was like, ko gile?! Aku punya tahap malu kadang-kadang melebihi Fafa punya sifat pemalu haha

- Celebrate ala-ala garden, macam theyols celebrated my birthday before kt Botanic Park Putrajaya.
At first I rasa idea tu acceptable and sangat menarik kan because santai santai tepi tasik bg ikan makan kan syok kan, tp masalahnya kalau dah nama surprise kena lah ambil tuan punya badan bawa g venue tu. Masalahnya si Fafa ni duduk Shah Alam, dari rumah nak ke SA je dah 40mins, sebelum tu of coz ah kan kena decorate pe semua, ko gile kalau decorate dulu pastu tinggalkan pastu g ambik dia pastu patah balik Putrajaya pastu datang je tah ada lagi ke tak semua decoration tu. Sorry sounded numb tp sebab iols punya besfeng semua not around so cannot plan baikpunyeerrrr tk cukup crew. So I pass this.

- Celebrate at the mall like selalu selalu lah kan.
Cam bosan jew cam bosan jew

- Celebrate kat mall tapi buat game. Letak clue at every different stations along the way to the restaurant for the celebration. Venue suggested was Pyramid.
So I pun excited gedik jap ah kan, op coz eksaited like sebab Pyramid tu kalau korang nk buat game sebagai organiser tu I rasa uols yang pening nak letak mana sebab terlalu besawwwww and memenatkan kalau nak jalan tp kalau nak buat okay je kan. So idea yang ni I terima pakai and modified some parts

So, I agreed with the last suggestion kan.
I modified venue dia and tambahan dekat clue tu I ada byk ideas either nak guna helium balloon or roses or toys or RitterSport different flavours tu (sbb feveret si Fafa). I buat lah petition kat Twitter, banyak lah juga gentlemen responded to my question. Yang sentimental tu preferred roses, yang sempoi tu preferred balloon, and yang kuat makan and lelaki normal ni ramai go for FOOD or cokelat. I pun terpaksa reconsidered sendiri balik. Penat je buat petition. And then iols pun Google lah semua kedai helium balloon yang ada dekat area Shah Alam, Klang, Subang etc. Semua pencarian hancur lebur sebab semua minimum order 30pcs. Gile? Si pemalu tu nak pegang 30 helium balloons in public, boleh pecah rekod seumur hidup. So I pun buat final decision, guna roses je simple and mudah di pegang and wangi and because dia belum pernah lagi dapat rose dari I ( I pun tk pernah dapat dari dia hahahahaha). Pastu pagi-pagi tadi, mama drove me to the florist tetibe mummy I baik hati sangat kan today, so I bought like 10roses of different colours (tak sanggup nak buat more than 10 sebab I am doing this alone) and I tak minta wrap tau beli yang bertangkai je then suruh miss tu add on ribbon. Harga kt tempat I rose fresh yang belum kembang/di bukak pembalutnya: 1 rose costed me 3.50bucks je. Yang dah bukak 2.50bucks, bunga lain tak sempat nak usha sebab rushing. So kalau nak bagi orang tu pilih lah rose yang fresh and sihat okay uols? Jangan bagi yang dah layu, nanti orang tgk pun alahai layu mata nak tengok. Pastu balik rumah cepat-cepat Google search floor plan Aeon Bukit Tinggi (sebab dekat and tak jammed) pastu plan lah kat mana uols nak letak, tapi sebab I dah hafal all kiosks yang ada kat situ so senang keje iols. I taknak guna store yang besar besar tu sebab nanti diorg busy bila Fafa datang tak dapat nak pass kan the flower pula so I just guna all kiosks kecik yang jual accessories lah casing lah apa lah kan it'd be easy. So dah siap printed out clues, guna kertas warna yang wangi gitew macam wedding card, dah siap cut and stapled, masukkan all the roses dekat fridge to sustain the freshness. So I pun get ready. Pick him up.

Mission started:

- Dekat parking tu, I tetiba cam tetibe gila and obviously pelik I cakap I sakit perut gila babs dari pagi.
- Pastu dia taknak caye kat I, dia boleh gelak. (tapi logic gak kot dia gelak sebab I ni berlakon muka selalu epic nak meninggal! Tapi I buat muka serious + tahan gelak, cakap serious nak cirit ni dari pagi tadi)
- Pastu I asked him to go to the supermarket kat ground floor tu and get me this Chik Kit Teck Aun pill and mineral water, dia boleh buat muka sebab punya lah budak bandar pill sakit perut femes tu pun taktau maybe dia sakit perut minum ribena je kot lol)
- Dia turun then I cakap I nak g toilet third floor tu, nanti jumpa balik. Di hilang je di sebalik escalator tu, I ran back to the carpark keluarkan beg yang berisi roses tu.
- Maka bermulalah sesi meletak rose di station station berkaitan. P/s: I berlari-lari dalam mall dengan bunga-bunga tu macam hape je kay! Ni mission bukan setakat nak kenakan si Fafa macam kenakan diri sendiri pun ada.
- Deal dengan last kiosk tu memang paling stress sebab dia punya banyak songeh cakap tknk responsible if hilang, rasa nak eiiiiii je miss tu. Bukan kesah pun kalau rose tu hilang bukan letak bunga emas tp last last dia bagi juga hiks.
- I pun berlari-lari anak lagi ke Kenny Rogers sebagai untuk venue celebration. Okay kenapa pilih Kenny? Sebab walaupun birthday dia, perut I yang rasa nak makan Kenny so ikut tokey lah en hahah oh besides dekat Kenny if uols yang never knew this, ada Lamb menu tau so since si Fafa tu lamb sucker sangat memang sesuai lah tu nok makan situ.
- Mesti uols tertanya-tanya I berlari-lari ni mana si Fafa en? HAHAHA di sebabkan ada banyak molecule 'budak bandar' dalam badan dia, dia took longer time to find the pill. So memang membantu sangat lah molecule tu haha.
- I sampai je Kenny, Fafa called "Hello you kat mana.. I kat parking ni Where r you?" (I was like WHAT? siapa suruh g kereta balik ni kesengalan bergandanye. Pastu I pun cakap I kat bawah ni. Wait wait. I immediately ended the call and terus whatsapped him the text yang memang dah siap di karang as first clue to get himself to the first station. Dia pun tidak mengreply text iols tu.
- Iols pun ordered lah meal iols yang iols craving sangat ( pdhl birthday mumsy pun makan Kenny macam tah pape tekak I mengidam) and ordered meal for him + drink yang ada mocha mocha sikit but without the weeping cream sebab dia tak suka tapi order je pape bukan dia bayo haha.
- *beep beep* (mcm tepon nokia lak haha) "Eh, how many more do I have to collect?" I replied "No sighing! Appreciate appreciate!" he replied "No I am not hehehehe I like the game hehe" =='
- And few minutes later he muncul dekat depan Kenny dengan flowers! WEHEHEHEHEHE cutenyew
- Tahu tak motip I buat game tu was to help him atasi masalah Malu dia yang tak bertempat tu. Dia memang shy shy so kita kena ajar sikit haha. Pastu boleh dia tertinggal one rose dekat kiosk yang memang confusing tu, I suruh dia naik balik ambik. BY HOOK OR BY CROOK (!) ecehh.
- He came back, I pun yang camwhore ni apa lagi memang whoring habis ah lah.
- Bagi dia the gift. I bought him new genuine-leather-wrist-watch since favourite watch dia dah putus katenyer so macam just-the-right-time kind of gift lah. Untung kau Fa!
- So lamb dia pun sampai. (daebak gilaaaa weh lamb dia, tapi sebab I bukan orang kambing kan so macam I kunyah sekali then I keluarkan balik sebab tah not my food kot)
- After makan pergi Giant beli ice cream Walls Hersheys sebab takda cake kan, weols ganti askem je.Feveret weols, melantak ah dalam kereta pastu.


p/s : jangan segan silu untuk guna kan game yang I guna tu untuk celebrate birthday buddyz uols ke beloved uols ke. But, for mumsy or dadsy uols tak sesuai kot. For the clue, clip kan lah dengan balloon, or toys favourite dorang macam car collections ke, digimon collections ke, or kalau dia bookworm, guna lah favorite genre/writer dia, guna dumble ke for guys hahaha mahu nye nak angkat dumble bebanyak tu. But whatever yang uols rasa uols nak guna lah kan. Banyak je. Make sure ada crews to help uols okay? Its okay lah buat game kat mall ke outdoor ke beach ke highway ke (haha) yang penting its enjoyable and creates best moment kan.

 Ni bentuk bunga iols. Tak best pun, uols boleh creative kan lagi.

Ni pill sakit perut yang si budak bandar ni tak tahu tu haha please lah

 This is the lamb. 
Uols yang tak pernah try kat Kenny go lah tapi liat sikit that day (Kot. sebab kunyah sekali je haha)

 Hi ni lah si pemalu tu hahahaha si curly yang shy.

Hi, ni lah iols. Pura-pura je ni haha.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Mumsy Mumsy

You are effervescent, perfect being, lovely and the best. 
Even so its your 5* birthday, you're always young at heart.
I wish for more and more years to come with you ma.
(at least sampai adik naik pelamins gitew hikhikhik getek)

Mumsy punya anaksdaras at the birthday lunch earlier.
Mcm twin tak iols and my sister? 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Before I sleep..

Frank confession from me, (clear throat sat)  well..


Opssy excuse my gediksness, well no actually we all Teslian groups just finished our little staging work. Skit competition ( Skit: short English drama) , which was compulsory for all Tesl classes. So nak or taknak still kena juga join. I yang tak pernah sekali pun berlakon seumur hidup ( I mean I don't have the talent kot) , finally joined the skit and well we were at the forth place. CAN YOU IMAGINE! Its like a very good start for a very new beginner like me. Basically our skit ni dia punya theme this time was Fairytales-Parody. You know Fairytales? All the children's Disney Cartoons yang uols have ever watched, tu tapi kena buat version kelakar. I personally think yang it was a good idea, because kan all the fairytales just now memang serious kelakar. Few stories that being parodied were, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and many more.

My group's was Cinderella.

Story line:
- Step mother and step sister ran chasing the stubborn-head Cinderella (naive Cinderella actually)
-While running, the slave of the step sister ran together at the back followed the master.
-We ran back and forth on stage (for three times), called out CINDERELLA! STOP CINDERELLA! 
-Until then, Cinderella fall and had to obey to the master ( to not go to the ballroom and join Prince party)
-The stepsister called upon the slave, and asked her ( actually the slave is a boy haha nyah version) to attend the party and pretend to be Cinderella.
-And stepsister transformed her into a real-beauty ( not really, the hair was made from yellow tali-rafia, put on masquerade mask and hair band)
-Light was off (all dancers came in)
-Music on, all masked-dancers danced and Prince and Fake Cinderella danced together. (1st song: Royale-ballroom dancing song, 2nd song: Gentleman by PSY, 3rd song: Hindustan song) Well, parody right! THANK GOD the audiences laughed! haha
-The music still on but this time, it was a clubbing-song and the fake Cinderella danced like hella-drunk while the others had stopped dancing, the Prince just watched her gettin' crazayh.
-While (s)he was dancing, the wig fell off from his head.
-The King & Queen came near, and picked up the fallen-wig, the Queen was very mad upon the pretended-Cinderella, the dancers whispered among them.
-Cinderella was surprised "ERR.. MY HAIR, OH NO. OH NO! OH MY GOD! OH NOOOO.. (and ran out)
-The dancers walked out, light was off.
-Light on, the princes was on knee, called up Cinderella's name.
-The Real Cinderella finally came out, kneeling down facing the Prince.
-Held the Prince hands and told that she was the real Cinderella.
-But the Prince ignored her, because he felt like he was fooled.
-The Prince was then left, and take off one of his leather-shoes, and threw it to Cinderella (well cerita sebenar kan Cinderella punya kasut yang tinggal, ni Prince kasut pula yang di buka sendiri hahahahaha)
-Cinderella cried crazily, and light off.

Cinderella : Annathasia Alexander
Fake Cinderella : Ahmad Tirmiezi
Step Sister : ME! HEHE
Step Mother : Nur Syahirah
Prince : Mohammad Fuad
Queen : Ira Emilia
King : Nicholas Anderson
And The Dancers.

(well, maybe the written version doesn't really sound funny but I thanked Him for every part of our skit, audiences laughed and seemed to enjoy it; we all think it was because of the NYAH CINDERELLA hahahaha at least forth place worth the practice-time kan)

And another story yang menarik perhatian I was: Armpunzel (Parodied from Rapunzel)
They have the Rapunzel, but this the Rapunzel was not Prince's favourite because she was so gedik while the Armpunzel was so humble. Well, Rapunzel kan rambut panjang kan, the Rapunzel also they made a long-haired wig, in yellow colour, but different attitude kan. Meanwhile the Armpunzel was with long-armpit hair hahahahahahahahah but because of her nice attitude, the Prince chose her to be the Princess. Hahahaha The end.

Well, every story is actually depend on your creativity to parody it. The winner of this skit comp won because they combined 4 different princesses that the prince had to choose but finally the prince chose to marry the TinkerBell (which was a guy in green cutey-dress with wings at the back) ( and (s)he wasn't in the list of the four princesses) but because he was so cute he was chosen *clapclap! hahaha

Oh, time's up! Time's up! I have another agenda tomorrow need to doze off early. Till then! :D

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thanks Yous

Oh people, thank you for such overwhelming birthday gifts, and even its almost a month away I still received gifts from you bunch of sweethearts. I couldn't be any more grateful for each one of you, for being so thoughtful and nice. May He grant you all very much happiness everyday.