Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm home

Good to be back though, even its only for 3 days, still..

Look at these two naughty boys, always naughty.

P/S : It is still feel so good that I got to surprise mom and dad

#1 : Mom called, when I was already on the way back home. Told her I didn't answer her phone because I was in class when actually I was on board. Told her, I'd be back at around 12 midnight. So no need to worry.

#2 : Went to 3 bazaar ramadhan with my favourite bestfriends ( thanks a bunch for spending a little time to fetch me at the airport) seriously I 'Shop-till-drop' at those bazaar(s).

#3 : Daniele rode me back home, and I had this little naughty out-of-the-blue plan, I asked her to go meet my mom and asked whether or not I've already homed. The dramatic session ended with an unexpected surprised-cursed (maybe ala-ala curse melatah) by mom, when she saw me I was at the gate laughed out loud for the surprise. Seriously mom really really surprised by my homecoming. Thats sweet (My bestfriend does feel guilty bcs of her acting, but nahhh not your fault girl hehe, my mom pun bagi satu bekas cookies raya walaupun lama lagi nak raya dekat my bestfriend bcs of her acting lah, kira reward lah hahaha)

#4 : Then, dad wasn't at home, went out with his bestfriend to this one not so nearby-bazaar. I called him. Another dramatic-part :

Me : "Assalamualaikum, ayah! Where r you?"
Dad: "Salam, at bazaar? Adik? Buka apa tu?"
Me : (quick-glanced at the clock) "Its only 6pm, ayah not yet. I'm at the airport. So since you're there nak 
        ayam gunting pleaseeeeeeeeeee"
Dad: "Oh eh? Who's gonna fetch you? Okay dah beli dah"
Me : "Adik still dekat airport Kuching, I might be late around 11 like that don't worry kay? I know mcmna 
        nak balik"

#5 : Dad came home. I was hiding at the main door. As soon as he stepped in, I pat his back. He was like 'LAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Malam nya!' Hahahahahaha. 

So, tell me what else can make us feel happier if its not family? #clingydaughterstatement
The ending.

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