Friday, 31 August 2012


Thousand appreciations to our fore fathers for the 'kemerdekaan' yang telah kita kecapi until today, for the well-achievements for the great pembangunan for the glorious persepaduan antara kaum that so we far we are never like other country yang selalu berperang and for the kemajuan yang Malaysia kecapi. There's never a second I feel menyesal to be born in Malaysia, I'm so proud instead. Sometimes kekurangan yang ada, ketidak puasan hati dalam diri should never exist because all we have now should be more than enough. If only you are concern to other countries yang merana and serba kekurangan, either makanan, tempat tinggal dan harta benda serta pendidikan, compared to us, yang sangat mewah, dan we have leaders yang sangat mementingkan pendidikan rakyat nya, let us be proud to be Malaysian. Doesn't matter if you are political person or you are against the government, that's your right. But please sejarah sentiasa menjadi guru terbaik untuk masa depan, jadilah insan yang berguna tidak kira for agama or bangsa and negara. 

And I pun nak rasa grateful sekejap sebab study dekat Sarawak ni because dekat sini I tahu and discovered banyak sangat cultures, and everytime we have occasion dekat campus pun, we ols akan di jamu dengan persembahan tak kira tarian or nyanyian or pakaian dari macam-macam budaya. So for those yang dapat study dekat Sarawak don't be sad okay, take things positively and semat dalam hati yang you datang untuk belajar and besides to discover khazanah Malaysia yang tak pernah kita ambil tahu. Jadilah Malaysian yang serba tahu haha.. 

Happy 55th Independence Day.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I happened to realise.

Something that I have never had concerns at is..... Government Hospital. Yes I know most days, if we have health problem, we trusted the swasta more than the government right. We people usually prefer to go to the private clinic or hospital rather than the government ones. 

So today, this one girl friend of mine was in bad condition of fever like really bad. She got itch all over her body and her body temperature was also increased. I was there with the other two girls, as her emergency ranger at the we-have-mount-of-assignments-to-do time but its okay friend's health matters us more. 

I have never love 'waiting'. Never, so you boleh dapat hint awal bila I said never means I really hate it. Sooooo you know bila kita pergi gov hospital of course, we have to wait. Because the doctors and their management barely have good services. I mean the doctors maybe yes because they are surely graduated with honours. Okay back to the topic. Once I footed in je dekat emergency hall tu, there was like a room where the patients of warlord are being placed. Ramai gila uols. They have slow services. So by the time I jaga my girl, I had my time filled, I tweet. 

I tweeted those upsetting, frustrating and anger tweets. By then, somehow there this one girl who I envy her when I was in my law course, gave me free 'ceramah-bertulis'  , rebut to all my tweets that I condemned about the civil doctors. Then only I get what she meant. She had good points and asked me to be calmer. 

I should never be lose-patience person when it comes to the government hospital . Lesson learnt. I realised, that government doctors ni perlu di beri sanjungan dan penghargaan tinggi because of their hardworks . And I agree with Alia's point yang those doctors should be paid high salary and government should pay their concern the things that should be improved and have another good facilities or whatever that needs too. Not only sibuk buat programme itu ini and lupakan yang sepatutnya we should be having better services of medication in each part of our country. Im saying this because I want our country to always menitik beratkan segala perkhidmatan yang ada and supaya masyarakat terus berpegang kepada 'Malaysia Boleh' . Boleh in the meaning of Boleh in all perkara and maju ke hadapan setanding dengan negara maju in the world wide. (ewahh)

So whoever pun yang baca my entry ni, let us together behold on the principe of not to simply mock on the government's servants. Tak kira lah Doctor, or Police or Teachers. 

They all berkhidmat untuk negara. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Why I love these bimbos.

All I can say for the surprises, the mini cake and big cake, the fake action, the 'lies' that uols made, the gifts and the memories we had today, its all worth our strong best friendship. Thats why my love towards you both snowballs each day though I sensorang dekat Sarawak kan. 

Fake Celebration was at Secret Recipe , Sunway Pyramid
Surprise Venue was at Bubba Gump Shrimp co , Sunway Pyramid

Sooooooooooo seriously I'm so touched! How the Bubba's crews have had me do my booty-shake in front of other strange-audiences. Phewww it was real havoc, I tak sangka my two girls pandai berlakon sekarang, I tak expect pun they all planned this big-surprise, even Farid pun ternganga  I tell you (joyah's hand gesture). 

Well, all I can say here thank you so much girls, for we are still standing together and the love that never has stop flowing in the blood, to the heart. 

Thank you Daniele
                      for being such a sweetheart, I know you're the master plan. 
You're soooooo crack but I love you to pieces!

Thank you Zieeeee, 
for being such an amazing bestfriend I hate to see you tears in my birthday video actually, that you said it might be the last celebration before you leave for German, hey no matter what bear in mind that we would always stay connected okay.  I love you big time.

Thank you Shera
 for always being part of us, your existence had never failed to give cheers to us. We love you. 

“Close friends on that Day will be foes to one another – except for the righteous.” 

[Sûrah al-Zukhruf: 67] 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Something I never expect.

Not to boast around or to let the world knows that today is my birthday eceh but it is hehe.. But it doesn't matter, the matter now is, I had blast last night. Farid brought joys along the few hours before my 19. I mean unexpectedly lah kan, because sepanjang I know him, he never do such romantic romantic thingy to me. He's kind of pemalu etc. But tonight he did it, successfully. 

So last night we went to Sunway Pyramid for quick shopping for raya and  we had iftar (romantic dinner hahaks because we both makan bertemankan lilinzz so I considered that as romentik jugak lah) at Ole-Ole Bali and I never been there so bila he brought me there I mcm 'wow' with the terkejut-beruk punya face expression, I mean excited for it. It was fun last night, I blushed and terharu sesangat for the dinner surprise. I mean you know,you akan rasa terharu bila someone yang langsung tak pernah buat macamtu dekat you, but now when he does it, even it is just a simple thing kan, it matters me so much. 

And the gift yang he gave me were also something yang I never expect to get. He gave me braces from Topman (it does not really matter) but something yang matters to me adalah the music box. I still remember the music box thing tu I tweeted very looooooooong time ago as if I'm not mistaken, it was during Valentine Day, which I stated: 

Its Valentine, it must be really sweet if only I have someone to give me 'Music Box' bcs I never get one :/ 

After I opened the box I straight bbm him and told that he's really a good stalker. I never ask for it from you, but I feel contented that I know you care my little wish. And thank you Farid, for the sweet card that mentioned ' I love you until Jannah' . InsyaAllah with His' will.

There's one quote that I envy so much. 

" Orang yang cintakan kita hanya selepas mengubah kita, itu bukan cinta."

I know my entry kind of jiwengz sekejap, but remember kay uols sayang lah orang yang sayangkan kita. Doesnt matter lah dia kaya you miskin (or vice versa), or dia tinggi you rendah (or vice versa), or dia pandai you kurang pandai (or vice versa), or dia chubs you skinny (or vicer versa). Mungkin kekurangannya adalah kelebihan you, or kekurangan you adalah kebelihannya (nya as in your partner). Let us pray and hope that our partner tu adalah partner untuk membantu melengkapi dan membimbing kita...

 “the partner who love each other for the sake of Allah alone, meeting for that reason and 

parting for that reason.” 

[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (660) and Sahîh Muslim (1031)] 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Meteor Shower

Sadly saying, I missed the chance to catch up God's wonderful sky show last night. As been rumoured that there would be Perseid meteor shower, on 13th of August starting from 11pm onwards (up until 3hours, in some articles I read) but  our waiting time weren't worth it. We couldn't spot any of stars up in the night sky. 

Every year in early August, Earth passes through the comet Swift-Tuttle’s orbit and sweeps up some of this debris. As the tiny rocks encounter the thin upper atmosphere of the Earth, the air is heated to incandescence and we see a rapid streak of light.” (Planetsave , 2012)

According some sources, the Perseid meteor shower hits its peak every August and appears to come out to the constellation Perseus. Sepanjang 18 years 11months and 25days I hidup ni belum lagi I dengar about this, maybe because of the laziness untuk mengkaji hal-hal berkaitan Biology dulu very high. Dulu je lah okay uols. But back to this interesting stargaze issue, the first peak was on the 12th, but maybe that time the rumours baru nak spice up the air all over the world kot. For those who had gone through the same situation as me, yang ketinggalan untuk menyaksikan meteor shower last night,August 14 morning might be worth a try. As stated, the hours between midnight and dawn are the best for meteor watching, no matter where you are on the globe. If you are planning to watch from your backyard ke, open field ke, rooftop ke, wherever lah excluded tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, because you need to make sure that you turn off your home lights or away from any light stray so that you can have direct focus or good eyes adjustment to the dark by looking up into the dark sky for few minutes. If terang nanti dikhuatiri pula uols nampak lampu kelip-kelip raya kat rumah pula, maklumlah dah nak raya kan lampu raya kalah bintang kat langit banyaknya haha..

But, the possibility untuk Malaysia dapat tengok meteor shower adalah very low because recently cuaca yang tidak mengizinkan dan langit yang selalu mendung menyebabkan langit dilitupi awan hitam and become the blockage of stars seeing. Tu maksudnya takda rezeki uols lah tu, but for those yang berpeluang, please lah comment on this entry I would love to see the view from Malaysia's sky. 

Lake Geneva and the Mont-Blanc, at the Mont-Tendre near Montricher in the Jura, north of Geneva

Undefined place

The island of Isola D’Elba in Italy

Not sure if this photo is stacked – I suspect so. Perseid meteors tend to cross the sky one by one. But this photo captures what you can expect to see during a burst of meteors – when several at once cross the sky – or during a particularly rich meteor display.

"Shooting stars are no natural phenomema but meteors, thrown by angels to chase away jinns." 
( the Prophet Muhammad)

p/s : The next BLUE MOON is on August 31, 2012.

Friday, 10 August 2012


Excuse me, if you want people to respect you, to respect your privacy, to respect you as in not to be rude to you, not to over tease you, not to lie to you, not to harass you, not to laugh at you, not to yell, not to pinch, not to put you down, not to judge you, not to whatever things that shall make you feel uneasy or dislike, please stop being disrespectful towards somebody, tak kira lah I ke, orang lain ke, toksah sibuk kacau privacy orang, sibuk korek itu ini ke hape ke, different people have different penerimaan, sekali kena sembur baru tahu. Motif entry I this time, if you see people respect others, or they don't menyemak in your story / life, so jangan mengada-ngada want to touch theirs.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Phd to Admiration.

Perasaan Hasad Dengki, not either the Doctor of Philosophy or Pizza Hut Delivery. Mana pun kita pergi, perasaan manusia ni susah nak di kawal. Sometimes tu kita sendiri tak tahu kenapa orang nak dengki dengan kita,or kita nak dengki dengan orang we live on the same land and under one atmosphere pun kan, kesenangan di bumi Malaysia ni semua orang boleh dapat. But what to do, its human nature. Kita memang tak dapat halang, even kita sendiri pun sometimes ada phd nya but recently I'm in the process of training myself untuk fight habis-habisan perasaan hasad and I just turn it into admiration. Because admiring is better than jealousy. If we think other people have better education, smart brain, millionaire, big cars, gold farm etc, it brings me to the admiration which leads me to the thought yang I pun boleh and should achieve. 

Cuba uols fikir eh, what's the matter of hasad dengki? Buat rasa sakit hati kan, which all that may cause uols semua rasa tak sedap hati, rimas, lemas, geram, dendam dan the most worst part benci. Bila dah tahap sampai benci tu PhD yang memang uols lah professor dia, u lead the way bebeh. 

I have friends, who love Coach Gucci & Prada so much, I have many friends who drive Mercedes/Swift/Cooper to campus or anywhere, I have friends who travels 7 countries in one year and I have friends whose their iPhone's bill might reach RM1k in a month. And most of them are very nice, very sweet hearted, takda lah sampai ;

"Eh, u cannot eat in my car tau takut kotor and bau" (erk?)

"Don't touch any stuffs in my room eh, I spot any scratch or flaws siap u anne" (LOL)

 "U pakai perfume White Musk Body Shop je? Euw so low class!" (for time being hihiks)

Kalau macamni , memang rasa nak ei, but if only we sakit hati pun sebab their words not because of they are rich. I admire my friends so much, most of them have a very good-family bond, respect others, and generous enough to be a human. But for some behaviour yang we don't know purposely, takyah lah nak korek nak tahu juga kan. Let them be je. 

Dapat tak apa yang I try nak sampai kan kat sini, sometimes phd kita ni boleh sampai ke tahap paranoids towards somebody tu, like oh orang kaya mesti clubbers, oh orang kaya mesti sombong oh orang kaya mesti taknak kawan dengan kita oh eh oh eh (eh so childish)


Oh that girl/boy study UTP, study Taylors, study GMi, study Nottingham, study overseas.. Geniuses, so jangan nak berangan kawan dengan those brainy students.


Amboi cantiknya dia, berseri-seri and comel lah pula lately ni, mesti spent money untuk make up banyak sangat ni, ke botox (eh? over) rambut cantik lah dia tu, mesti everymonth duit pergi saloon je, curl lah straighten lah (bff I haha) well, siannya uols paranoids sangat tu, biar lah dia duit dia, dia cantik pun kita happy kawan dengan dia dia tak sakitkan hati kita pun, takpun jeles lettew haha.I suka if my friends pretty kemas comel cantik wangi, if tak mekap I akan paksa dorang make up at least pakai lipstick hehe.. Ala, semua orang pun cantik, pakai lah Tajima ke, rambut beralun ke, apa ke everyone is beautiful in one's eyes. Dont worry okay. 


Whatever situation yang boleh buat uols paranoid mahupun phd melampau, I think u can start to switch it to something better. What's the matter nak sakit hati kan, if we admire others kan easy je, because I know some people yang have this 'jijoikness element' sudah-sudah lah tu, ni tengok orang shopping banyak sikit nak cemburu melampau, nak cakap uuu untung lah orang kaya, untung itu untung ini. Sama je semua, parents uols pun kerja parents I pun kerja parents semua orang pun kerja. If parents uols tk kerja uols lah kerja, gain extra money, then uols shop lah till drop. Toksah nak cemburu itu ini, not good for health okay. 

AND for those yang have enough wealth, good education, cozy house don't boast too much, be humble a bit, tak ke mana pun harta awak kalau menyombong tak sudah. We happy, people happy, and less phd.

إياكم والحسـد، فإنَّ الحَسَـدَ يَأكُل الحَسَنَات كَمَا تأكُل النَّارُ الحَطَب
Beware Of Jealousy; For It Eats Up Good Deeds As Fire Eats Up Wood. (al-hadith: Abu Dawood)

p/s: this entry is basically for self-reminder and for semua orang jadikan contoh, tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I guess today I'd done very best as I could for forum uols. Last night neves tak hengat. Text mama ayah and semua yang selayaknya di text lah. Di saat saat genting sebelum minor test, mock test, final exam, forum, important presentation, or whatever yang akan dinilai or give uols marks, restu parents and doa sangat penting besides usaha yang uols dah usahakan. But bukan lah semestinya we will pass with flying colours because life kan is like cycle, sometimes kat bawah and sometimes kat atas. Whatever it is, uols dah pun buat the best kan maybe rezeki di lain hari. So today I rasa contented yang teramat sangat because rasa nervous yang not critical, I presented my points very well (perasan jap) and I'm very pleased to thank my girls for being very supportive and sangat cooperative! Muacks. 

I show off these two je cukupppp

Ceh ceh muka nak nebes lebih je si meghah jambuz tu, Emilia as vice president of UNICEF while Syira as doctor ahaks and for the orange colour tu, dia tu saja je interprem haha she was our moderator, (ty vanessa)

Scene after 2pm 

Admin says cheeezzee

 Fatin seriously u cute buat muka camtu (nanti gambar IC baru buat camni tau)

Jaguh pengombah penyelerak penyepah buku haha (okay tipu je)

  Rough view

 I urge people jadikan lah reading tu satu habit, if tak mampu pergi duduk lepak Popular / MPH okay?

 Majlis iftar bersama artis, (erk)


p/s : I tak faham why some people cakap I if sekali pandang macam MJ, arwah MJ. phew sabar jelah.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

LCW Trending

So here, I would love to congratulate LCW and all his supporters, including me though I am not really into badminton but all for Malaysia. Its okay you win with pride and dignity Chong ! ( cehhh macam rapat je panggil Chong hahaks) . We all proud of u, no matter how no matter what. To have u until that stage was really a high achievement! Again, congratulation and letssss hug (konon-konon). 

And for rakyat jelata sekalian, jangan lah uols semua frust menoggeng sangat mengamuks kat twitter hahaha sebab tomorrow tak dapat free Baskin Robbins . Takpa lah if rasa nak makan sangat nanti ajak lah mama / papa uols pergi makan sana, makan free juga kan haa. For Baskin Robbins co. I know despite of the sadness because the luck of Gold-medal wasn't in our side, mesti company u happy sikit lah kan or maybe banyak sebab kalau tak rugi besar uols nak support Malaysians yang berjuta-jutas ni belum yang akan datang two to three times haha. Actually I pun gitu juga, but seemed like there's no BR branch at Kuching so I dont mind at all. Kihkih. 

So he looks adorably charming in Baju Melayu I think  ahaaaaaaaks. 
Maybe sebab selalu tengok dia dengan sweaty short pants and tshirt kot :P (erk?)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Good momento

Yesterday was an osem catch-up day with my faveret people here. Basically if takda dorang, tak survive lah I dekat Sarawak sini. Trust me, even until now I couldn't cope/adapt the situation, environment and still developing good feeling to be here. Its kind of hard, yelah elok-elok I tengah berangan lawyer-to-be pang sekali tukar ke tesl.Well said, its fated right.

Okay takda motip pun melencong sampai things in the past. Yesterday was Sara's 19th b-day. But since we have three August babies so yesterday's celebration just celebration yang tk berapa nak proper no cake etc. We just had dinner among us, simple yet thoughtful. 

(eh?) suddenly pemilik blog's photo lead the other photos pulek XP

I go green!

So after 1hour of damnly-waiting. 
Yesterday was my second attempt of naik bus ye uols.

Meet good friend of mine here, Asyraf (thats what I call lah) because muka dia ala-ala retis sikit Asyraf Muslim gitu, maybe adik dia (erk?) perasan

 Genny , Fatin & Farah 

Ridhwan (mamu) & Syafiq

From right Fuad & Azu, from left (rujuk nama di atas)

(From left) Annathasia , Ngo , Vanessa , Fatin , Patricia 

 Sarah the birthday girl *whistle 

Please lah dia ni lagi, muak mak nengok nye nyah

 (From left) Dah kenal semua, 
terus je tengok the right one Ramlah (but I panggil dia Rammy)

Pose bebeh poseeee

Tengok gaya comel si manja 

 Ni lah faces yang automatically nya wajib akan ada dalam photo album I. 
Kalau takda sure pelik haha

Babak after solat 1

Babak after solat 2

Babak after solat 3
 (konon-konon macam guests Hotel Margarita lah padahal tumpang solat je haha keeelass uols)

So actually motif gambar ni, solat lah dimana juga uols berada okay? :D
 (pemilik lagi hihi)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy B-day Sara!

  Wishing you all the best in the year to come.
       May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.
   And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.

Penat I baked this (cehwahhh)

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Well today I have nothing much to tell I mean sebab today memang activity I class since 7.30 - 1.30 (sarawak kan so-called-oversea, so we ols class awal) , balik thought of nap but membuta sampai 4.30 lepas late zohor sambung lagi and then asar sekejap baru lah get ready for berbuka kan, anak dara zaman sekarang macam tu lah. Sangat-sangat-sangat menarik kan, tapi at least sempat juga lah I practice script for forum next week. Okay dah lupakan, pasal introduction merepoks ni. 

So I have my own theory, sleep like princess wake up like princess juga lah but in my own way. Because I practice certain things yang sangat-sangat bagus untuk diri I sendiri so now I'd love to share with uols semua supaya semua orang pun sihat dan Pwinsheshh. 


- As usual lah, uols pun mesti buat, spend a little time at washroom, face-cleansing, tooth-
  brushing, and so on so forth. Wash both kaki also ya, because slipper and floor yg we 
  used/pijak we can't guarantee kebersihan nya kan.
- Once uols keluar dari washroom, make sure uols pakai slipper tidur uols yang very cute-
  adorable-pinky-princessy-or-watevos lah kan.
- And then, now its LOTION-TIME. Doesn't matter whatever brand yang uols guna, Vaseline/ 
  Johnson Baby/ Nivea/ Garnier/ BodyShop/ Pantene (ehhhhhh?) But I prefer Vaseline they 
  have the best aroma and their petroleum jelly is suitable for human skin; sapu lah dekat 
  tangan uols, slowly urut celah-celah jari jemari runcing uols tu hingga ke siku > lengan. 
- Picit lagi sikit lotion tu, sapu pula ke lutut till ankle. 
- For ankle ke bawah sampai foot sole, boleh lah guna lotion kaki boleh dapat di any 
  BodyShop's branch / Watson (foot cream yang disahkan)/ or else mcm I guna Johnson 
  Baby jerkkkk. 
- Done with the quick foot massage, I repeat foot massage tak payah lah malam-malam tu 
  nak buat pedicure pula, the next day pun also boleh kan buat pedi. 
- So now boleh put on your socks. There are several hidden-benefits if we wear socks every 
  night. Tk hidden sangat pun, because mostly benefits dia we can see/feel dengan serta-
  merta (google for more info, jangan malas)
- But make sure lah basuh socks after 2-3days we use, bcs if too long nanti 
  berhabuk/berbacteria sama je macam pijak dirty floor. 
- And then before I tarik my comfortable blanket, I will do little exercise, actually sit up 
  jewww. 10 to 15 times. Untuk memastikan perut kita kurang kecenderungan untuk cramp 
- Last, baca bismillah then baru lah krohhhhhhh kroooohhh jangan baca bismillah sebab nak 
  sambung makan cokelat/sweets sudoh.


- So, for those yang rasa dia liat sesangat nak bangun, buat lah alarm clock kat smartphone 
  uols tu sampai volume yang kuat habis. Jangan jadi macam I ni ha, girl next door yang  
  kena ketuk pintu sampai nak roboh (sometimes je kayss), sebab alarm pun tak boleh jalan 
- Before I put off my socks, usually I akan buat another 10times sit up untuk perut kempis 
  lagi, it is somehow macam mini exercise lah. 
- And then, if hari-hari bukan bulan puasa I akan minum one glass plain water. Jadikan 
  amalan minum air masak before gosok gigi sampai tua sebab bacteria yang ada dalam  
  mulut time tidur tu bila di tolak dengan air masak ke dalam sistem dalaman, ia mampu 
  membantu kita dari segi kesihatan dan my previous teacher said, its good untuk awet-
- Next baru lah buat cara student university/ hostel kemas katil sendiri, no bibik kan dekat 
  hostel so bila dah masuk university tu maksudnya dah melepasi 17 y.o thus pandai-pandai 
  lah jadi matang jadi anak dara suntikk/boys pun sama je kena rajin kemas bilik baru 
  identity tu lebih umphhh sikit sebab apa yang mama pesan:

"Your room is your personality, what's the matter of makeup & dressup if your room is a total mess?" (Opppssss)

- And last but not least benda important sekali! Boys and girls, please please please everytime u brush your teeth kan, please brush sekali lidah u sampai tekak sampai nak termuntah dan seluruh bahagian dalam mouth u. Seriously, this is to avoid bad-breath because u tahu lah every morning kan tk best kalau u jumpa member-member, salam peluk cium, duduk sebelah-sebelah dalam class then bila borak & gelak sakan mulut bau yuckss kan. Tkkn ada orang berani tegur punya lah percayalah, kecuali memang orang yang mulut laser sikit kan, kalau dia sindir tu mohon terasa lah. Not me not me of cozzzz. 

So, day and night kebersihan, kecantikan luaran dalaman & kewangian adalah penting!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Your aid

Well not really aid lah, I just nak tolong those yang still ternganga-nganga tktahu how nak bring back the 'FOLLOW' button, I tumpang simpati dekat uols yang tidak memiliki button tu. Sebab I pun baru fixed the problem (kwangkwangkwang) I ni bukan lah buta IT ke hape but I just takut je nanti if bega sana-sini panggg hilang semua menangis tk sudah kau joyah tapi at least finally.. I dapat juga uols button tu suka tak sudah I feel like crying now (erk!)

Follow the flow:

1. Please click dashboard / design dekat uols punya blogsite tu.
2. And then if uols punya blog latest view punya, pergi sebelah kiri click layout
3. Next, dia keluar yang tu re-arrange gadget tu, click dekat 'add gadget'.
4. Scroll down ke bawah sikit, cari yg HTML/ JAVASCRIPT
5. Copy and paste code bawah ni, copy and paste je toksah letak title etc. tu.

<div style="display:scroll; position:fixed; top:5px; right:90px;"><a class="linkopacity" href=" ID BLOG ANDA" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Follow !" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" /></a> <div style="display:scroll; position:fixed; top:5px; right:2px;"><a class="linkopacity" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Dashboard !" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" /></a></div></div>

6. For the highlighted ID BLOG ANDA tu, please paste your Blog ID ada dekat bahagian URL 

    atas tu if rasa ada spacing tu uols pandai-pandai lah backspace sikit kay.

7. So can see now? paste yang berhighlighted tu if not yours still can't be followed lah. 

8. Done copy & paste steps, masukkan ID, and click save.

9. So now, siap! Wuhu. 

Genuinely by me. 

Steps are taken from : Ceritera Si Gadis Merah  ( click to view , not here but < )    



Know the dont-know

So, during this supposed-to-sleep time, I'm still on the line, browsing through some articles and interesting information basically malam ni I just cari Sejarah Tahi Lalat. Or if tak faham Malay language, in English it is 'History of Moles' haaa kalau tak faham juga nanti I speaking German. It suddenly crossed my mind ni nak google pasal tahi lalat. Because while we were on our way back to campus tadi, I asked my girls

"Ermmm tahi lalat tu, lalat ke yang berak?"

Was I sound so dumbass and people should have kicked me off? Yes I understand, but I  tahu lah they all also tk tahu kan sejarah tahi lalat tu. So carilah ilmu selagi bernyawa, jangan jadi bodoh & buta (anne, 2012) Lol. Well I wish I could paste the articles here, but to be clear here, facts about sejarah terlalu lampau amat sangat banyak. So if uols nak tahu, mohon google sendiri. 

Some facts of tahi lalat dekat my whole body:

-Jika tahi lalat terdapat di pipi kiri, memiliki gambaran boros, banyak halangan. ( Erk!)

-Jika tahi lalat terdapat di Dada, memiliki gambaran keras hati
-Jika tahi lalat terdapat di Lengan, memiliki gambaran berani, kuat, pendiam.

-Jika tahi lalat terdapat di telinga kanan, memiliki gambaran tidak pelik, punya kemauan 
keras. (True..)

Actually I dekat my face I have countless, nak kira penat lah juga kan. Tapi apa yg ada di atas ni mencukupi lah nanti tak pasal-pasal keluar attitude sebiji macam I , ha parah tu Kiahh.

Hambekkkk kau