Tuesday, 29 January 2013


What is love at the first sight? I had never experienced it before. I mean I don't know if I had fallen for someone masa first time I nampak muka dia or what. But seriously, anyone if you see me out there; Tell Me How It Feels Like okay! 
Macam minat saja-saja ke or memang like POMM terus nak kahwin ke or terkesima ke dengan dia punya attitude or look ke. Help me to describe it okay? 

Okay no motive pun. 
Semalam first time applied face-mask onto my face.
Harini, berjerawat muka I -.- tak sesuai lettew nak b'facial facial ni hehe

Monday, 28 January 2013

Please help me

I don't know how to tell you that actually I have started to.. since long ago. I am sorry. Maybe I need time. For myself. Time to discover my outside world. Time to know other persons. Time to feel free.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Its not shuffle yang dok terkinja-kinja dekat park tu okay. Ni shuffle my music playlist.
So I have this current obsession towards acapella songs okay! Ni semua penangan movie Pitch Perfect yang Oh-my-god  very the 5stars movie I tell you. Okay I know some might not like that kind of movie, but think twice! Best what, romantic comedy drama. It has love story, musics, conflicts here and there, lifestyle, life background, etc etc. 
But I can tell I can get sober by shuffling my ipod playlist of their acapella songs! Sampai everytime I dengan my girls, start je menyanyi any song we all mesti nak buat ala-ala acapella. Hehehe and then we all akan look at each other, pastu gelak sebab terasa macam The-Bellas! Cuma we all The-Perasan-Bellas! Haha. As long as kita happy, apa salahnya perasan artis sekejap kan. Well, if you guys haven't watched the movie or haven't heard any of their amazing song yet, sila pergi youtube and search Pitch-Perfect acapella songs. My favourite song lagu Treblemaker (the boys' group) Don't Stop The Music, seriously da bomb! and their Ripp Off -songs I am very very verryyyy sure you guys will love it. Tapi you guys better watch the movie first then baru lah you akan faham and fall more hihihi. 

List of their songs I have

The Bellas


Tada, the hero (Skylar Astin)  and heroin (Anna Kenderick) and the most sweet couple. 
Their voice also nice gila gila! 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

When you hurt me, I'm alive.

I dont understand why must some people acting so nice , like close friends like very very close, but then actually had badmouthed about us on the social networking or the people near them. What is your point actually? Called me day & night, so caring asked me this and that, okay or not okay but then in the same time bragging bad about me on social networking site? TWITTER! Ah, that's very obvious now how people misused the social networking sites, I know I did so too but at least okay at least I didn't acting nice and back-stab good friends. Tak suka cakap lah tak suka. That's my style. If I tak suka either my family's/boyfriend's/bestfriend's/friends' attitude, I have my own way to confront/ to tell them so and so. I mean, maybe yes in some parts we have to control lah kan and take it slow and see how it goes. But to continuously sugarcoat others with good words and then suddenly when that person PANG knows that you actually had done something yang not-so-nice-to-see-or-hear, kan dah rosakkan your image. Image kita not only paras rupa, but our attitude. 

Kita gedik or relaks ke
Kita punctual or alwayssssss come 30minutes late ke
Kita generous or kedekut gila ke
Kita easygoing or sombong ke
Kita respectful or rude ke
Kita pemalu sangat-sangat or malu bertempat ke
Kita pemarah or actually strict ke
Kita suka loya buruk or know when to joke ke
Kita softspoken or outspoken ke
Kita kaya or berlagak kaya ke
Kita cantik or tak berapa nak cantik ke

Its all about attitude. 
Me myself, is not a good person. Not a perfect God's creature.
I am weak, I have flaws, I have bad habits, I tweet emotional-stuffs too... 
but I always remind myself that I am not a teenager anymore. Not really a solid 20, but not a child or sweet-girl anymore. I am now supposed to start behave like a young adult and so my attitude must be bersesuaian dengan age. I memang that kind yang very relaks kot or more to serious way or actually tak GEDIK okay (according to classmates & friends & few lecturers lah he he), its not that I tak layan silly jokes, but I go professionally, ikut masa and tempat and people I am hanging out with. Bila funny, I will laugh, bila sedih, I will give my sympathy and some kind of uplifting words ke apa ke, bila gossip, gossip like there's no tomorrow, bila work, work hard and bila shop, shop till drop lahhh.

So my conclusion for this entry is actually, 

Lace up,cheers, positive and be happy walaupun orang lain sibuk jatuhkan kita. 

I like how Fazura,the actress and Maria Elena have good words to say about self-appreciation and just focus about ourselves rather than to care what people think about us. We know ourselves more than they know us. If there are people kata kita ada kekurangan, we do self-recheck and change. Easy. If rasa susah nak change, slowly don't rush because we all know to change things yang naturally in us, is not an easy work to do. So, have continuity, passion, and pray for good. If terasa diri masih lagi tidak disukai orang, teruskan doa pada Nya, maybe there are things yang we did not notice we'd done wrong and continue doa supaya hati kita sentiasa dilindungi dari black-dots (which may cause prasangka, jealousy, lazy and many bad things) And for those who hate us, we shan't hope for bad things to happen, just pray for good things and successful life for them. Allah knows and hears what you pray. Amin. 


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It is a day. was a day.

It was actually my bestfriend's day, Zila. I mean not a birthday or wedding day or whatever.
It was just a day of one big && important result being released, today.

Either she'll fly to Germany or not.

So the result had been announced, you know its like I had been too anxious to know the result. The feeling all stirred and mixed together. Excited Happy Sad Nervous Afraid and  everything you name it..though it was not me who'd be getting the result. 
Well so, my bestfriend missed the opportunity by 2 points only. But you know, its a bestfriend thingy its like 'You pinch the left lap, the right will get the pain' So, I was crying. Crying over the failure of one important person in my life. But to think of it, probably God had planned another better things for her, here. He knows best right. I took few moments to think, that it is actually a good thing to still have her around. Because during the last semester break, I had spent most of the days with her, but still it never felt enough spent. And today, to know that I will still have her around, I have a little contentment and relieve despite of the sadness. Who doesn't want to see a friend (like a sister..) success in her own way that she wants and desires for,right. I guess every girl who has a girl-bestfriend wants to see and wants to success together. Its just a matter of 'You want it / or you leave it' .
So, honey, since you'll be registering your degree at UTP soon, so its not something to be worried of anymore, they will definitely provide you a very high standard and quality education. And the distance between you and him, do not worry if you both want it to stay then it'll stay like I frequently remind, 'No matter how far he goes, no matter how long will it be' if there's a destiny, then  why worry. Work on it. I support you all the way up, all the way to good future of us. So now, be positive and shed your tears. I love you. 

Monday, 21 January 2013


Badi. Not B U D D Y. This is Badi, if you do not very clear what is badi it is like virus lah yang berjangkit (okay CRAP!). But I suppose everyone knows what it is. This week, yah we were surprised by few shocking agendas.

-Shasha Mendoza mocked the opposition lah, 
-Bavani and Sharifah whatever lah, 
-Shasha Mendoza's nude photo lah, 
-The story of Uitm Lendu and Sri Iskandar about.... you know. I know you know. 

So this, week right after many of the students here knew and have read the story pasal hantu hantu ni,I dont know why our campus terkena tempias / badi. Probably not because of the badi or whatever I mentioned above, but yknow how the issue relates to one another that makes me think it is BADI (again I mentioned it)? I mean in not a long-gap of time right. Then tup tup, its already here. I first heard about there was this one senior , kena santau then I was like okay its a small thing nothing to be bragged about. Then the next day, I heard two cases not santau but its like histeria. And we were apparently asked to gather and sat in a group of muslims (who are not Red-flag) to recite Surah Yassin , Al-Jin and Al-Mulk. It was 12am bro 12 am. It has been a long while since I faced the same situation like this, but dulu lah time I was still at the hostel during highschool. So when its like happening here, I kind of nervous to face this. I, pray. I, zikr. In a situation like this, all we can do is to frequent the surah-surah or dua' dua' that we know or familiar, as pelindung dari gangguan jin dan syaitan. 

Don't be afraid of them. 
Don't be too weak. 
Don't think too much of it. 
Lessen your insecurities. 
Because 'They" know, when you are weak. "They' like people who are weak, so 'They' could control you. Subhanallah. So, remember wherever we go sekalipun, makhluk itu ada. Kita just kena kuatkan hati, diri, minda dan iman, trust Him. Sadakallahulazim :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Obviously, I am not Ask.fm but I have an account of it. Tapi kesian I am not as popular as those with thousand of questions to be answered. Sampai I pernah ter-asked (ter okay ter he he) this one person, "Is it like all those questions were asked by strangers/some friends and not you yourself posted it?" Because of mmmm okay whatever. I macam paranoid gila that time negative all the way. Okay lah actually I am kind of jealous sebab my account only has like not more than 10 questions. 8 of them were auto-asked! Hahaha

But! There this one popular question yang people always love to ask me. 
Personally. Orally. Textly. Tweetly.

ANNE.. :( (sad face wajib okay)


These questions were asked by many girls usually yang sometimes asked me the same question like several times, but never followed. Hahaha. I am not degrading you girls bcs I pun lately not really in diet-mood. But the only thing yang I boleh share is, NO SUPPER. I think that's the least thing  you can do. Make sure you have your dinner before 7, and then 7pm onwards, never ambil your smartphone, dial 1300131300 mengada nak delivery prosperity, double pula! or walk to the fridge and grab chocolate or sweet snacks or open the cabinet door where you can see some temptation flavours of instant noodle (but I don't eat instant noodle anymore like a year already) or get your instant pepperoni pizza heated in the oven. Oh my god. You must have passion, and continuity. Jangan nak lembik sangat. Come on, nak kurus kena lah usaha sikit its not like you skip one meal then malam you weigh your weight. What do you expect?! Miracle to happen? Laugh to yourself. Tapi post ni not for any particular girl okay, this is my random post. But seriously, if you betul-betul nak kurus please tanamkan dalam diri you, nekad. Its not a simple thing. Or or or or..you rasa nak cepat kurus, get anything like pill or susu diet or tea or super extreme slimming machine or whatever that you believe can help you reduce weight. Okay? Trust yourself. You can do it.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keep Calm and Blog Blog Blog

Guten Tag
Kumusta Ka

And.. you name any other greeting that you like. So,  hi. I am here. Anne is here. Yes, I am back. I mean you know, some of my super fanatic readers (eyuw over sangat!!) keep asking, raving and questioning me where is my new update. So today, I am like regaining some yknow spiritual-urge to blog again. I actually have a lot to write, like really really a lot and how I wish I could easily phrase each of the thought I have right now. But tengah overload sekarang because I am working on some reports of my own duty. So, busy sikit. Nevermind, this is like a brief-introduction post of my very first update in this new year along with new resolution, new determination, new spirit, new hope, new dream, new look, new attitude, anddd New York  he he. Whatever azam yang uols have listed on your 2013-Wish-List, I hope you yourself make it happens, not giving up, strive harder than usual, and have faith in Him. My new year resolution actually with no doubt, and happily I nak share here is, to be a better lady in religion aspect of course. Like, never want to miss any prayer again, read Quran everyday so I can feel and enjoy about the ancient, present and future stories of The Greatest, and to the last hope, to wear scarf.  Who knows, one day I akan jadi duta for Ariani Scarf. Wow. Berangan Maria Elena sangat. But who cares, just dream, dream like this whole universe is yours. You govern the world. Those who have big dream, usually have high possibility to success because dorang macam have had the imagination of how they want their future to be like. So uols, mimpi.. teruskan mimpi but jangan mimpi disiang hari, biarlah jadi mimpi sampai ke bintang no matter what your dreams are.