Saturday, 3 March 2012

366 days

With the high pleasure, the full feeling and strong tenderness I am so glad that today we reached our complete year of being together. I know I've been complaining too much, demanding, and always thirst your love  tho I know you've give me all out, I'm really sorry for I have  always comparing us with others relationship, and never feel enough. But all I know, I never feel regret of knowing and loving you  all this while. I should be thinking that I'm the super luckiest girl because I have you, I own you, you have me, you own me and realize that we really need each other for any matter. With the deep feelings, as deep as the ocean, as light as feather, as strong as an ox, honest saying that I never want to lose you, or leave you though I often have feeling of giving up. The way you raised me up, you cheer me up, you buck me up, you give me strength, you support me, you listen to me, you soft-speak with me, I know, I should feel really grateful for He sent me you. Happy 1st anniversary honey, I wanna know you more and be with you for another 10decades even until forever I wanna stick together with you, because all I know, is I love you..

Friday, 2 March 2012


I suddenly had the feeling of participating myself for the performance for Tesl-Get Together Night this Saturday oh I mean tomorrow for sure. After a little deal with Billy and Mieji so I hired them as my handsome guitarists , hence I am so busy this week with practice. If I had a chance I would upload the video of tomorrow's night okay. Bye~

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Another March arrived..

It has been awhile since I last updated my blog. February treat busy like very busy so do this month, full of activities conducted by campus, test, assignments and so on so forth. Well that is what we called students right. Otherwise, jadi cleaner lah kalau taknak busy memanjang eceh. But I think my busy-ness not as worst as Farid's lah dia mengalah kan dah jadi arkitek kekekeke.

What I like about March? Well last year, the whole year I was depending lucky things to be happened on every odd-number months, which were January, March, May, July, September and so November. Not that the even-number months gave me a witchy luck but you know, so much things happened start on March 2011. I dont want to be khurafat for trusting those crap implements but unfortunately I believed every odd number is my lucky number especially three (the sound is dhree not tree) okay students :P

So since March 2012 has safely arrived, so I just hope for a better days ahead wonderful months to come and I'd be nice to people so do I want to get back the same treat. Who wants to be treated bad by others? Tell me, if you are one of it let me shoot your head because you are totally mind-retarded.

Thats all, assalamualaikum..