Friday, 25 May 2012


After few months away from home, finally been here and breath the familiar air.
I like this feeling.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Proud but will be missed.

Proud and happy that our dramatisation has ended last night. Only Allah knows how I wish this to end earlier, but somehow only last night its officially over. What can I say is all the efforts, time & money spent, energy used, brainstormed are worth it. The matter of how at first, other group underestimated my class and blame us to use too much of our production's money ( hey we never eat any cent of it), how I felt so down because somebody seemed desperately want to take over my place, how we as a class misunderstood several issues and matters, we quarreled over small thing, but all the cheesy matters taught me to be better, to perform well, to lead excellently.

We've been working so hard for straight 3 days in a row, 8am -10.30pm for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Each of us, stays in the auditorium helped each other, know each other, get closer, the laughter, the jokes, the thoughts, the ideas, the cooperation, all were utterly special. Special moment between us. To be discriminated by other production doesn't matter to us anymore. As long as we remind each other that we are the best and we know all those effort we put, are all worth it.

Those three days I was busy planning the strategy, the sequences of how the props would go in&out, how I rushed to few places (till my ankle kena exhaust uolss) , how I get dizzy with Aaron , the director because of his last minutes changes. But seriously, I really enjoyed working with him, Alvin, Vanessa, Ira and big thanks to my crew Billy, Ali, Fuad. Without you guys' support it wont be excelled. I may be not a good leader, but sure I'm proud to have supportive buddies as all of you.

Thanks also, to madam Suez our important adviser, for always be there and helped us in so many things & issue berbangkit, for the brilliant ideas, support, anddddd the cake. Sunday was a Mother's day, but she brought the cake for us, since we were busy working on week-end though. You are like mother to us madam, your kindness only could be rewarded by God and I think we had rewarded it for you for our great & smoothed performances last night. I know you're proud!

Well, today I miss you guys so much. Even I can't lie that, even after the last props we arranged last night we felt so blessed that it has end, but I can tell I have started to miss all of you. Working with this production, honestly was awesome.

Just Please hi or wink or smile at each other every time you see any of us outside, I mean I dont want the bond to be ended as the drama end. I want the bond to continuously alive and breath. Love you alls xxxxxxxxx

P/s : Will upload the photos later when I'm at home since the network connection seemed terrible much.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

She turns 19 today

The last time, in March.

It's like I've known you forever.
It's so hard to see you nowadays, since you're in Selangor most of the time, and I am rarely at home stuck in Kuching here and our holidays do not coincide. The last time we met, was at your campus I bet that was very last time.

Then, recently I realised that we haven't been talking much. I dont know why, maybe we've been apart for so long, and it has never been happened to us. I miss that I'm the one you shared everything with. Like how we would on the phone everynight though we meet at school, and it was a hell of a lengthy talk. The awkwardness we have now, I never wish for it; I never want to stay apart, I want it to be happened like we never left high school and we never run out of things to talk about. 

Well, if possible I want all our photos to be uploaded here. But you know, let me keep it safe with me :) we all love memories, that we know it wont faded. I just should have uploaded the photos of us, during the first time we started to get closed to each other haha its all about the Genting trip right! Okay now I miss everything in past. 

I miss you! Happy 19th birthday Daniele. I love you so much, and words can never express how grateful I am to have you, throughout my teenage life. Thirteen till nineteen (been that closed since sixteen), and I hope we'll stay the same in our 20s, 30s and more years to come. Thank you so much for the things that you've done for me, for being very trustworthy in such a way that I am very proud to say that there are things that I told you, only you up until now, and that nobody else knows about it. Thank you for filling in the holes and rough patches over the years.

I wish we can still do it now. I know it's never going to be the same, since we're heading to different directions and we've met new friends along the way of our journey. Ignore the distance that separates us, be happy with the things that we pick up along the way without each other's presence. I've always thought that not seeing you in class everyday is impossible and somewhat unimaginable. But the truth is it doesn't really matter now because I always feel your presence even when you're not here. I'm sorry for things that happened to us lately though we managed to handle it, silently unspokenly , even when we don't talk but we know that something is going wrong somewhere.

So yeah, since I didn't have the chance to be there for you, I'm here tonight blew that one candle and have eaten the cheesetart for you. In hope that you'll always be wonder & fabulous lady as you are. All the love I pour for you, is always true. Even if you can't feel, now you knew what I feel for you. As special as you'd always be, for me (´⌣`ʃƪ)

 P/s : Ignore my stupid face haha :P bye mok

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Quick skype session

I can't help this feeling, that I miss you so much sayang :')


Monday, 7 May 2012

Critical awkwardness

I just don't have any idea what is happening between us.
For the statement I made on facebook, I really mean it.
I just can't help it that I'm that critically jealous and been missing you so much.
I don't know why are we not as good as we used to.
But I want you to know, that never a day I missed thinking about you.
You're my dearest darling bestfriend and I want you to know that I always love you.
If you couldn't feel it, at least you know it.
I'm sorry for the little quarrel or unintentional chaos that we are going through now.

P/s : Be good, I'll be coming back soon and sure we'll spend some time together alright.