Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Salam ramadhan al mubarak my dearest readers, whoever you are. 
 'Bermula lah pesta ibadat' 
(Atiqah Liyana, 2013)

 Lepas I baca that tweet somehow I could feel the excitement, its like one whole month akan dipenuhi dengan amal ibadah and seronok if have the continuity(istiqamah) till the end of Ramadhan or the months after.
Thus, alhamdulillah I feel like Allah has sent me something that I should cover up my hair for these 30 great days. I remember this one ustaz said last week about Ramadhan;

'Pada bulan ramadhan, tutuplah aurat kamu tidak kira lelaki ataupun perempuan, kerana walaupun puasa itu sah tetapi tidak diterima Allah.'

 All this while, I don't know how many days has Allah accepted my puasa. Subhanallah. Together we make this year's Ramadhan more meaningful than before, and assume like its our last Ramadhan.

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