Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The last 7 days

Really can't believe that Ramadhan has nearly come to its end. Alhamdulillah, cubaan I untuk jadi full timer hijabist almost sampai ke penghujung. But seriously betul lah theory yang orang selalu cakap, if you wanna try something, try to practice it in 3weeks time, you'll be able to adapt/cope with it afterwards. I macam sekarang dah jadi obsess gila dengan beautiful and colourful scarves, I've started collecting scarves anyway, tu lah I said before I can't promise anything sebab this is kinda percubaan but who knows? I'll try to wear scarf most of the time lepas ni sebab I mcm received a lottttt of heartwarming encouragements from people tau. Alhamdulillah lagi sekali. For those yang rasa I pelik bertudung tu I hope uols boleh lah start positive thinking habit from now, jangan nak dok buruk sangka memanjang. Yelah good things are meant to be shared kan? Yang baik dahulu kan yang kurang baik inshaAllah elakkan. Good thing pakai scarf ni? Rasa tertutup, dapat good feedback from all sorts of people surround me, I like the vibes better though. Rasa everyone terima you, kalau before nak bergaul dengan yang 'pious' tu segan sikit. Annnnd guess what, mom looked so happy to see me wearing scarf sampai last time before ktorang nak pergi airport usually she'll nag at me for always and alwaysssss being late and take longer time to get ready, tapi last time she said to my brother 'Its okay let her take her time, biar dia, ma suka tengok dia pakai tudung' hikhikhik gedik jap. Sooooo, people di hari-hari yang terakhir, I harap sangat kita sama-sama dapat collect amalan, I love Ramadhan because I can see many people done too much of good deeds , wherever I go. Isn't it a good sight to see? Welcoming the Eid Ul Fitr and sending goodbye to the Ramadhan. Sedihnya but, hope to see the next coming Ramadhan InshaAllah :) 

Muka mengada nak raya hahaha

Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm home

Good to be back though, even its only for 3 days, still..

Look at these two naughty boys, always naughty.

P/S : It is still feel so good that I got to surprise mom and dad

#1 : Mom called, when I was already on the way back home. Told her I didn't answer her phone because I was in class when actually I was on board. Told her, I'd be back at around 12 midnight. So no need to worry.

#2 : Went to 3 bazaar ramadhan with my favourite bestfriends ( thanks a bunch for spending a little time to fetch me at the airport) seriously I 'Shop-till-drop' at those bazaar(s).

#3 : Daniele rode me back home, and I had this little naughty out-of-the-blue plan, I asked her to go meet my mom and asked whether or not I've already homed. The dramatic session ended with an unexpected surprised-cursed (maybe ala-ala curse melatah) by mom, when she saw me I was at the gate laughed out loud for the surprise. Seriously mom really really surprised by my homecoming. Thats sweet (My bestfriend does feel guilty bcs of her acting, but nahhh not your fault girl hehe, my mom pun bagi satu bekas cookies raya walaupun lama lagi nak raya dekat my bestfriend bcs of her acting lah, kira reward lah hahaha)

#4 : Then, dad wasn't at home, went out with his bestfriend to this one not so nearby-bazaar. I called him. Another dramatic-part :

Me : "Assalamualaikum, ayah! Where r you?"
Dad: "Salam, at bazaar? Adik? Buka apa tu?"
Me : (quick-glanced at the clock) "Its only 6pm, ayah not yet. I'm at the airport. So since you're there nak 
        ayam gunting pleaseeeeeeeeeee"
Dad: "Oh eh? Who's gonna fetch you? Okay dah beli dah"
Me : "Adik still dekat airport Kuching, I might be late around 11 like that don't worry kay? I know mcmna 
        nak balik"

#5 : Dad came home. I was hiding at the main door. As soon as he stepped in, I pat his back. He was like 'LAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Malam nya!' Hahahahahaha. 

So, tell me what else can make us feel happier if its not family? #clingydaughterstatement
The ending.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Salam ramadhan al mubarak my dearest readers, whoever you are. 
 'Bermula lah pesta ibadat' 
(Atiqah Liyana, 2013)

 Lepas I baca that tweet somehow I could feel the excitement, its like one whole month akan dipenuhi dengan amal ibadah and seronok if have the continuity(istiqamah) till the end of Ramadhan or the months after.
Thus, alhamdulillah I feel like Allah has sent me something that I should cover up my hair for these 30 great days. I remember this one ustaz said last week about Ramadhan;

'Pada bulan ramadhan, tutuplah aurat kamu tidak kira lelaki ataupun perempuan, kerana walaupun puasa itu sah tetapi tidak diterima Allah.'

 All this while, I don't know how many days has Allah accepted my puasa. Subhanallah. Together we make this year's Ramadhan more meaningful than before, and assume like its our last Ramadhan.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


I don't know what made me wore red jersey today, because those 'related' people also wore red jersey today.
How do I know?
We played different sports, at the same area this evening.
Despite of I-was-surprised & it-was-weird feelings, actually I was / and still blooming. 
TEHEEEE happy ah juga at least it made my evening kan walaupun today tak keluar movie/makan popcorn,
things like this pun boleh boost kan excitement hahaha eyuw over. 
I believe uols pun suka tengok crush pakai match colour dengan uols kan? XP

Friday, 5 July 2013


Wait, sekarang ni kenapa asyik TERbump into each other, coincidentally wear same colour clothes and so on?
GUH life is full of mystery and to be specific, its
 MY Lyf3

To my little PIC girl.

Thank you so much for keeping up with me. I love how things happen between us. I feel really good with it, with you. And thank you because you make me trust you that I can always count on you and I must admit you are a great secret keeper. I love you.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

3rd of July

28 MONTHS...
I can't believe I can still hold on to this because sometimes I think I almost failed and we bent.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


The date it is supposed to be posted: June 30th

I don't know what is happening to me, recently. I am not sure if this is mental problem or what. 

I seem to enjoy quality time with myself, alone, in my room, rather than to socialize and chitchat with the girls, you know like I usually do because I seriously macam a lonely-homeless-girl. Probably because this time I feel really homesick. Even Fafa and I pun currently tengah unstable. But let's not talk about it here. Cliche personal stories. So I sendiri pun pelik, and tak tahu nak cakap apa. I could even read 3 novels of 350-400pages in 7days, tho. I mean this is very rare TO ME. But it happens! Means I really need to get out of this zone and be comfortable with myself and just go around a bit, to make sure I breathe clean and happy oxygen gas so that it will help me getting back the positive vibes and mood. But yeah people, the important thing jangan putus doa dengan Tuhan ( Umum okay, for readers either muslim or non ) because He is always there for you to listen and to help. InshaAllah :) 

Just another day of being cracked-head

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 25th.

Mask            : Shisedo, the black packaging one. 
Application   : Sweet Talk ( free app from App Store)

Back in town yo!

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 17th

Venue : The Spring Mall, Kuching Sarawak.

The next day dah terus keluar jalan-jalan, padahal jetlag (konon-konon) tak habis lagi. 
Yelah because before assignments and tasks melonggok aka bergunung kan, baik jalan-jalan dulu right?

This is Vanessa ( Vee ), 
never underestimate her she is GENIUS!

This is Nicholas ( Nick ) he has Chuck Bass' voice! 

Time to say Goodbye

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 16th.


Happy Birthday Zee

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 15th.

Its my bestie's birthday today. 
Something came up that morning and spoiled the first-plan so I instantly drafted the second plan. 
Thank you Fafa because you helped me with the balloons and cake.
Thank you Zee's sister as a good secret keeper.
Thank you Zee's daddy for letting me hided inside the house to surprise her.

SO the plan happened to be like this, I menyorok dekat dalam rumah dia while her sister was driving back home from IKEA sebab birthday girl was craving tahap critical dah that day, then I cepat-cepat lit up the candles ( I was so nervous though, sebab tk tahu guna stove kt kitchen dia hehe ) and birthday girl ingat the door was locked tau, dia pun busy buka pintu tu, my sandals I memang dah nyorokkan and my car pun I parked jauh, so dia memang didn't expect I ada dalam rumah. Once the door was unlocked je (she said pelik sikit because ada balloons behind of the door but she just thought yang her dad might be the one wh, I muncul from the kitchen with cake and sang Happy Bday song for her. SHE WAS REALLY SURPRISED THOUGH! Hahahahahha I could see it from her face. Then next is you know, acara makan-makan sikit then its open-card session. And again, I tak tahu lah spell apa I wrote down dalam card tu sampai this sweetheart also cried in front of me and hugged me. Maybe I because I really felt what she felt. Good friends semua dah flew off to Germany and Daniele & I pula dekat Sarawak so macam she feels really lonely. But soon, dia nak pergi Unikl Melaka dah so, I hope she could make good friends there. Anyway baby, God bless you on your birthday and I love you x

Sedikit potongan wish from the birthday card: 

Honey, I know lately you feel ultimately lonely that I guess you’d never imagined to feel it; upon the distance-relationship, upon the distance-bestfriendship. I feel you. I’m sorry if these either recent weeks or months, there is a gap between us, so little time we spare for each other to chat and talk, I feel bad really bad for this until sometimes we could be really cold, right! But, Zee as I’ve told you frequent times, whenever you need me, I’ll always be there standing by your side. I wanna always hear your happy, sad, disappointed, excited, nervous stories from you. You are the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for and I appreciate everything about you. Thank you so much Zee, for everything. I’m ridiculously lucky to have you and I can’t wait to see what our friendship brings in the future.

2 things in 1 day

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 13th.

Venue : Pakli Kopitiam, Sec 7 Shah Alam.
Lunch with Asya Amira, my favourite girl when I was at Uitm Kuantan for Foundation of Law.
You know what made me feel good about the catch up? 
We were still as good as before, as crack as before, as crazy as ever!
Not a single awkward moment that afternoon, macam biasalah committed sin sikit ( GOSSIP GIRLS kan ) haha.

 Asya, the pretty pan-asian look girl.

Venue : Bukit Jugra, Banting Selangor.
So was driving back home from Shah Alam and I had this plan and straight away whatsapped Hareez for jogging + hiking at Bukit Jugra, dengan my bestie Zee. So the plan is on. Seriously uols, this place is a good place for jogging sebab dia lebih kurang macam Broga Hill but tak thrill macam Broga ( because way uphill to the peak kan mcm tanah merah very licin kan) this Bukit Jugra, jalan bertar you can either jogging/walking/ cycling/ riding/ driving. Just Google je Bukit Jugra then you may get many info from there and the most important thing is, the view is SOOOO BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING!

Zee was the one who captured this, tengok belakang so nice kan!

Laughter at the diner

The date it is supposed to be posted: June 6th.
Just another day of catching up with these old time favourite people.

 Okay its no one's birthday, saja je asked for the candle nak feeling birthday lagi 2 months tu haha :P

Everytime these girls tak layan we both, we would say this ayat out loud : 
"Excuse me, where's your manager? I nak jumpa, because you all tak layan we all"
then everyone would burst into fucking hard laughter.

That was good time..

Mommy and daughter night

Not as in the night yang keluar berjimba ye uols. We all ni jenis malas nak keluar memalam ( except for family dinner / getaway ), malam is family and movie time! But ada that one evening, mommy came home from office with two-three plastic bags yang dalam dia ada ingredients for baking! 

Me    : Maaaaaa? Are you okay? What are these ingredients?
Mom : For cake. I was browsing through something on the net at the office td, saja je nak try this one cake
Me    : What cake?
Mom : Chocolate cheese cake.
Me    : First time lah kan?
Mom : Yes, if tak jadi takyah buat lagi hihihi

So I pun tolong mommy putar-putar tu then all the cliche processes dia buat sendiri,and the extra ingredients tu I buat Caramel Pudding Bread paling simple. Couldn't remember the recipe but uols may Google lah MyResipi ada banyak recipe yang very easy and simple, for beginners memang membantu lah juga. So as for the final product my pudding turned out nice but too sweet and mom's cake wasssss the BOMB! sampai buat lagi the next day and sampai my sister sanggup balik rumah after kerja jauh-jauh tu semata-mata nak makan cake. Dia and my brother in law siap bawa bekal chocolate cheese  cake pergi kerja giteww hahaha well "mom's cook is always the best" right?

Good time with good people

The date it is supposed to be posted: 28th of May.
Venue : Jangan buat-buat tak tahu, IKEA The Curve.

Post birthday celebration

The date it is supposed to be posted: 27th of May.

Seronoknya jadi Daniele ada post birthday celebration okay hahaha.

Bet you guys have already know who is that girl in pinky hoodie and pretts in grey scarf;
 my bee eff eff.

Final exam week

The date it is supposed to be posted: a week before 22nd of May.

ITS STUDY WEEK! So basically I don't have much to share. 
I don't really do study group. I can't, just I would consult one - two geniuses for private tutor before exam

But this is one nicely-written article on the Benefits of Studying Alone from Online Education Blog .

Some students prefer to study alone, while others prefer to study with friends. Although studying with friends has its advantages, in my point of view, I would like to study alone. The reasons are as follows.
When you study, especially when you study some subjects that are hard to understand, such as math and physics you need to concentrate on them. That requires a quiet environment without distractions. Studying alone can provide that, and you can read your books and think of questions without being disturbed. It will help you to understand the knowledge better and to remember the knowledge better
Furthermore, studying alone has another advantage that studying with friends does not have. That is it forces you to think. When you face some questions hard to solve, and there is no other students around you, you have to think of the questions hard and try you best to solve them. This gives you an opportunity to improve your ability to deal with problems by yourself.
The third advantage of studying alone is also the most important reason. It can make you think independently and have your own opinions. You have to think independently when you study alone. No one can give you interference or suggestions. You will not be affected by other people’s opinions. That can help you create your own thoughts, not to become a parrot. After all, the best parrots still live in cages.
 My preference would be to study alone because I'll GOSSIP more than studying if I sat in a study group. TEEHEEE. So, till then. 


Monday, 1 July 2013

My babygirl is now 20th.

The date it is supposed to be posted: 10th of May.

I feel bad, like really bad. I didn't make it for a sharp 12am call upon my bestfriend's birthday because ummm...I dozed off just few minutes before 12am. Hahaha :P  I did apology to her,though and she said it was fine, since I made a surprised birthday celebration on the 9th. But still I managed to send few wishes on all the existed social networking app(s) that she registered in, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Whatsapp etc etc. I just love to mess with Daniele. So, of all the surprises and gifts I gave her on the 9th, excluded how cracked and surprised she was when she saw me at the lake with the balloon and pizza etc, I sooooooooooooooooooooo glad that she loved my card the most. Just like previous years, she would cry and apparently loved the card more than the gifts. I wonder if I had type the words of spell rather than words of wisdom inside there? Well, maybe I put those in a nicest way for her to read it, but uh oh I am NOT and freagin NOT a sweet talker, alright. Or maybe it is because all of these years I just love her more than she could ever imagine. She's my super ultimate unbiological sister to me. We share mom(s), dad(s), brother(s), and sister(s). So, pretts if you read this don't doubt me. I love you muah. 

p/s : Thanks wani for helping! 


Goodbye buddy

The date it is supposed to be posted: 23rd of March.

Someone was leaving for Germany. Hello people, his name is Saifuddin. Din for short.
He left for Germany on 23rd of May, until.. we don't know when would he come back because he himself is not sure when will he come back for good. Anyway kalau balik pun tak sure dia balik Melesiya ke tak because his parents are kind of residences tetap dekat Brunei. So its kinda complicated. But hey, go chase your dream and balik jadi Engineer paling Hot and Popular okay! Dia sangat genius sampai I tak tahu dah nak describe genius dia tu macamana. Sedih lah because he'd leave the best girl in the world (My bestf; Zee) for life span and shit nangis tengok dia nangis. So gonna miss you, man. Sayonara.

I can't believe..

The date it is supposed to be posted: Someday in March. 

My sister now is an official married-woman. I am ultimately happy upon her wedding and stuff, that finally she has really found someone whom she loves wholeheartedly and my brother in law is HOT and used to be a chef student. Then now can you imagine? ( I loveeeeeeee men who can cook, they'll apparently look extra attractive with a Superman-apron on, busy cooking at the kitchen anddddddd usually they are creative, you know, they can make things look more romantic than we women can do *giggle* ). Okay I should stop writing benda tk penting. Back to the main thing, by the time I recorded videos of my sister's precious moment (on the solemnization day) on my phone (which all of them were unfortunately deleted because of the jailbreak thingy, I lost everything) I cried though, I was suddenly feeling so weak and laid on mom's lap and I told mom, "I am about to lose my best pillow-talk partner ever", to someone she loves very very very much. She was the best though ( during her single time ). We often go shopping together, we quarreled,  we'd lick each other's hand in a fight or spitted on each other's shirts, we shared foods at the our favourite restaurant, we loved milkshake, we used to share clothes, jeans, skirts even panties ( oh come on sisters do everything in emergency ), she would drive me out for a quick route around the town, she would fret every single thing that happened to her and her Diva bestfriends, we would yell at each other like we wanted the whole town to hear our thunder-voices, we scolded each other if either of us done the mess in our room (at the old house, we are no longer sharing room now )and a lot more. Oh, shit tears are streaming down as I write this! I can't continue to reminisce more things about us. I love everything in our childhood moment and just everything in the past. She was and still the best. I love you, kakak.

Sorry gambar adik pengantin and favourite people dia :P


I owe you an apology.

My apology for being away and not keeping you updated with new posts. Well I have to admit that I was away for some sort of mind-refreshing things that happened to take days..weeks..and months. Until now I came back for real because they were these few anonymous people who gave me their wisdom and asked why have I stopped writing. I would love to give this lovely bunch of thanks to those who read ( as in past tense ) and are reading this blog. This is like my public diary, I put everything memorable here to be shared, thought and felt. So until the next post. 


 ( NOT ME )