Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Skype hut

When you know the night would be dull without someone you love, then there we go. Its a random activity; actually we planned to play bowling's game on skype but the connection wasnt light enough to let us play and compete tonight but its okay at least we had a little joy.

First call

Not so Tajima

Okay for the second snap he said ' Sayang, no need lah buat muka ayu ' haha damn you, I know that you are kind of jealous Im looking good there because ; see your photo! hahahaha its superfluously blur okay, bye :p
And the time we did skype, I was actually having my supper; Pizza Frenzzzzzzy 

It has mixed up 

P/s : I'm working on my December wish which it is less than few minutes to come. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Purple met blue

I know we dont really plan for this but yeah finally I got to see you! It took so long for me to post this post since my blogger goes so much wrong.

Boboy & Gegirl 

 I dont know why it cant be rotate -.-

And yes mine too -.- ( annoying )

And for the very precious moment before I went off to bed, I just made this; instead of I eat them. This morning he gave me the super awesome chocolate ever which is actually my favourite. So , I merely arranged them by randomly picked up the button-candy, and yeah this is the product.

My love for you would always be colourfull as this, forever..

Monday, 28 November 2011

Welcome home

Welcoming back the parents from Saudi Arabia is what siblings and me been waiting for. Actually, they supposed to be back on 24th Nov but then yknow airlines crisis so delay and delay till today. The best feeling when I got to hugs mom and dad after a while.
Arrival at 6:56am ( i wasnt there )

Dato' Zakaria and Datin Habsah

And.. not to forget that my brother and his children wore the arabic's closet and acting so innocently-arabian.





Hahaha me neither joined the club :P Well I feel good to wear jilbab sometimes, it makes me feel highly-religious, and I'm proud.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I love holidays

Who doesn't want a break from college or studies right? Its a normal requirements of students including me.

Well.. I had a great couple of days this week. I mean its very good to spent a little time with the bestfriends, after a while. Since we are sequestered into very different colleges which its quite hard for us to have a Tea&Gossip time with each other, lately. How I really miss our high school moment pretty much, when we used to always do things together and how we really had a good vibes between each other in whatever moment we gone through. Keep them as memories and yes future comes, grab the good opportunity and use the leeway properly. Anyways, I would want to say that though I am so thousand miles away in trans marine , I love both of you since forever.

We did a 'hehehe' thing at Mcdonalds that time 

Shera and Daniele

Instead of those pretty activites with those pretty girls, it has also got a free time for my sister and me where that last Wednesday when we are actually supposed to go to Damansara Puchong, but then we were lost and seriously it was like a pretty stressed-out time but funny moment but its okay because at last we stopped by at the Ikea Damansara for some stuffs and feed the craves of meatballs for late-lunch. 

IKEA Meatballs

Some says we are twins, but well I dont know on which part :p

P/s : Sorry Zee, we did'nt snap any photos this morning during the breakfast-date. 

40 more off days, and patiently wait for Farid to get home for holiday.