Saturday, 18 August 2012

Something I never expect.

Not to boast around or to let the world knows that today is my birthday eceh but it is hehe.. But it doesn't matter, the matter now is, I had blast last night. Farid brought joys along the few hours before my 19. I mean unexpectedly lah kan, because sepanjang I know him, he never do such romantic romantic thingy to me. He's kind of pemalu etc. But tonight he did it, successfully. 

So last night we went to Sunway Pyramid for quick shopping for raya and  we had iftar (romantic dinner hahaks because we both makan bertemankan lilinzz so I considered that as romentik jugak lah) at Ole-Ole Bali and I never been there so bila he brought me there I mcm 'wow' with the terkejut-beruk punya face expression, I mean excited for it. It was fun last night, I blushed and terharu sesangat for the dinner surprise. I mean you know,you akan rasa terharu bila someone yang langsung tak pernah buat macamtu dekat you, but now when he does it, even it is just a simple thing kan, it matters me so much. 

And the gift yang he gave me were also something yang I never expect to get. He gave me braces from Topman (it does not really matter) but something yang matters to me adalah the music box. I still remember the music box thing tu I tweeted very looooooooong time ago as if I'm not mistaken, it was during Valentine Day, which I stated: 

Its Valentine, it must be really sweet if only I have someone to give me 'Music Box' bcs I never get one :/ 

After I opened the box I straight bbm him and told that he's really a good stalker. I never ask for it from you, but I feel contented that I know you care my little wish. And thank you Farid, for the sweet card that mentioned ' I love you until Jannah' . InsyaAllah with His' will.

There's one quote that I envy so much. 

" Orang yang cintakan kita hanya selepas mengubah kita, itu bukan cinta."

I know my entry kind of jiwengz sekejap, but remember kay uols sayang lah orang yang sayangkan kita. Doesnt matter lah dia kaya you miskin (or vice versa), or dia tinggi you rendah (or vice versa), or dia pandai you kurang pandai (or vice versa), or dia chubs you skinny (or vicer versa). Mungkin kekurangannya adalah kelebihan you, or kekurangan you adalah kebelihannya (nya as in your partner). Let us pray and hope that our partner tu adalah partner untuk membantu melengkapi dan membimbing kita...

 “the partner who love each other for the sake of Allah alone, meeting for that reason and 

parting for that reason.” 

[Sahîh al-Bukhârî (660) and Sahîh Muslim (1031)] 

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