Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I happened to realise.

Something that I have never had concerns at is..... Government Hospital. Yes I know most days, if we have health problem, we trusted the swasta more than the government right. We people usually prefer to go to the private clinic or hospital rather than the government ones. 

So today, this one girl friend of mine was in bad condition of fever like really bad. She got itch all over her body and her body temperature was also increased. I was there with the other two girls, as her emergency ranger at the we-have-mount-of-assignments-to-do time but its okay friend's health matters us more. 

I have never love 'waiting'. Never, so you boleh dapat hint awal bila I said never means I really hate it. Sooooo you know bila kita pergi gov hospital of course, we have to wait. Because the doctors and their management barely have good services. I mean the doctors maybe yes because they are surely graduated with honours. Okay back to the topic. Once I footed in je dekat emergency hall tu, there was like a room where the patients of warlord are being placed. Ramai gila uols. They have slow services. So by the time I jaga my girl, I had my time filled, I tweet. 

I tweeted those upsetting, frustrating and anger tweets. By then, somehow there this one girl who I envy her when I was in my law course, gave me free 'ceramah-bertulis'  , rebut to all my tweets that I condemned about the civil doctors. Then only I get what she meant. She had good points and asked me to be calmer. 

I should never be lose-patience person when it comes to the government hospital . Lesson learnt. I realised, that government doctors ni perlu di beri sanjungan dan penghargaan tinggi because of their hardworks . And I agree with Alia's point yang those doctors should be paid high salary and government should pay their concern the things that should be improved and have another good facilities or whatever that needs too. Not only sibuk buat programme itu ini and lupakan yang sepatutnya we should be having better services of medication in each part of our country. Im saying this because I want our country to always menitik beratkan segala perkhidmatan yang ada and supaya masyarakat terus berpegang kepada 'Malaysia Boleh' . Boleh in the meaning of Boleh in all perkara and maju ke hadapan setanding dengan negara maju in the world wide. (ewahh)

So whoever pun yang baca my entry ni, let us together behold on the principe of not to simply mock on the government's servants. Tak kira lah Doctor, or Police or Teachers. 

They all berkhidmat untuk negara. 

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