Friday, 10 August 2012


Excuse me, if you want people to respect you, to respect your privacy, to respect you as in not to be rude to you, not to over tease you, not to lie to you, not to harass you, not to laugh at you, not to yell, not to pinch, not to put you down, not to judge you, not to whatever things that shall make you feel uneasy or dislike, please stop being disrespectful towards somebody, tak kira lah I ke, orang lain ke, toksah sibuk kacau privacy orang, sibuk korek itu ini ke hape ke, different people have different penerimaan, sekali kena sembur baru tahu. Motif entry I this time, if you see people respect others, or they don't menyemak in your story / life, so jangan mengada-ngada want to touch theirs.

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