Monday, 13 August 2012

Meteor Shower

Sadly saying, I missed the chance to catch up God's wonderful sky show last night. As been rumoured that there would be Perseid meteor shower, on 13th of August starting from 11pm onwards (up until 3hours, in some articles I read) but  our waiting time weren't worth it. We couldn't spot any of stars up in the night sky. 

Every year in early August, Earth passes through the comet Swift-Tuttle’s orbit and sweeps up some of this debris. As the tiny rocks encounter the thin upper atmosphere of the Earth, the air is heated to incandescence and we see a rapid streak of light.” (Planetsave , 2012)

According some sources, the Perseid meteor shower hits its peak every August and appears to come out to the constellation Perseus. Sepanjang 18 years 11months and 25days I hidup ni belum lagi I dengar about this, maybe because of the laziness untuk mengkaji hal-hal berkaitan Biology dulu very high. Dulu je lah okay uols. But back to this interesting stargaze issue, the first peak was on the 12th, but maybe that time the rumours baru nak spice up the air all over the world kot. For those who had gone through the same situation as me, yang ketinggalan untuk menyaksikan meteor shower last night,August 14 morning might be worth a try. As stated, the hours between midnight and dawn are the best for meteor watching, no matter where you are on the globe. If you are planning to watch from your backyard ke, open field ke, rooftop ke, wherever lah excluded tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, because you need to make sure that you turn off your home lights or away from any light stray so that you can have direct focus or good eyes adjustment to the dark by looking up into the dark sky for few minutes. If terang nanti dikhuatiri pula uols nampak lampu kelip-kelip raya kat rumah pula, maklumlah dah nak raya kan lampu raya kalah bintang kat langit banyaknya haha..

But, the possibility untuk Malaysia dapat tengok meteor shower adalah very low because recently cuaca yang tidak mengizinkan dan langit yang selalu mendung menyebabkan langit dilitupi awan hitam and become the blockage of stars seeing. Tu maksudnya takda rezeki uols lah tu, but for those yang berpeluang, please lah comment on this entry I would love to see the view from Malaysia's sky. 

Lake Geneva and the Mont-Blanc, at the Mont-Tendre near Montricher in the Jura, north of Geneva

Undefined place

The island of Isola D’Elba in Italy

Not sure if this photo is stacked – I suspect so. Perseid meteors tend to cross the sky one by one. But this photo captures what you can expect to see during a burst of meteors – when several at once cross the sky – or during a particularly rich meteor display.

"Shooting stars are no natural phenomema but meteors, thrown by angels to chase away jinns." 
( the Prophet Muhammad)

p/s : The next BLUE MOON is on August 31, 2012.

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