Thursday, 12 April 2012

A lil bit relieved

Well, past few days I've been so down, and upset etc. Then there comes last night, when I was sitting alone at the back of the lecture room, my two girls were telling me about something that they're unsatisfied with. I mean not something but someone, the moment they speak out about the same person I felt relieved. Means I'm not the only one who is facing / having that uneasy feeling towards that anonymous. Probably, if you read this please change your attitude. You ought to do so, we know you're good or you yourself think you're better,but please the way you act, isn't right. It makes people have that not-so-good-impression on you. I know I'm not perfect either, but the way you treat me all this while, been torturing me so much. I'm tired of you..

Anyway, not a big deal anymore.
Certain things sometime led us thinking based on our level of maturity,
it might help us to be a better thinker and doer.
Anything happens in this world has its own reason.


For the tragedy of yesterday, the earthquake in Acheh Indonesia, that gave big shocked and the quake happened for twice, I just can wish and pray for those that included are all in good condition and safe. Stay away from beach or any water-activities.

And for us, who are excluded and still are still protected from any earth-disaster, be grateful. That's how God tests us. To remind us, how we shouldn't negligent and careless.

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