Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm sorry.

I've been awoken before the dawn, by the ring of my phone. Isn't the alarm to wake me up, but only a little buzz from him on bbm. He left me only one message, that at first I read it w/ my eyes half-opened yet to be widen after I saw him mentioned someone's name. It's your name. Yes you, the one who gave me called few weeks back. ( Why am I writing this in a so dramatic way? I'm totally mind fucked ha ha)
Well, nothing much about this, its only about someone whom I shouldn't get in touch with, but this stubbornness of me had finally di kesan oleh Mr.Hubs, on twitter. Its not that I wanted to cheat on you or lie to you, its only the matter of being friend with someone in the past. Okay but I know, all this while every single thing I'll let you know, but exclude this thing. So I'm really sorry for I have hurt you unintentionally(tho, you said you're not hurt) heh, I know you okay, PELAKON :P Oh yah ,thanks for you accepted my apology. Remember, that you're my only good friend, super bestfriend, partner, defender, lover and pet. You are my life, my only love, and my leader. Every beat of my heart, is for you. I owe you to be worthy of such devotion. I love you, I always do.  

Love, Aina.