Saturday, 14 April 2012


ELF basically stand for English Language Games.
Actually the event is still running but I curi-curi online to blog hehe
Well, I know people might have questions such
"Err...Anne what is that elf?"
"Oh, those games are between who & who?"
"Bayar ke? :O"
"Ramai ke datang? Dapat sambutan ke?"

Please, any event if you put extra efforts and spent the free times,
just to make it run smoothly of course lah insyaAllah dapat sambutan right.

This, event sebenarnya is for school children.
Which, the aim of this event is to keep them away from PSP,Playstation, Xbox, Angry Birds, and those gadgets that sound familiar nowadays.

Our class chose to run the Singing-activities. At first, as what have been set up,there got 3 stations tau ; Guess the Song, Continue the Lyrics and Sing-a-long .
And, for it obviously we would rather chose to sing along right. So after an hour the program is on run, someone proposed to let it be only one activity which is Sing-a-long together with dance. I can see the kids and even students from other campus really enjoyed the nursery songs we played.

Its not only for proficiency, vocab, guessing, and singing it has its own sentimental value and brings back our childhood memories which I always feel like getting back to those little princess's time. But no matter what I still mummy & daddy's little princess instead of my sister, ha ha ha no lah kidding love (if you read this :P)

But sadly saying, because of the lame wifi connection here, I can't upload the photographs yang I snapped, and all those are my class's photos . I have no intention to take photos of other classes activity. No appetite hahaha. Alright then, I guess that I've spent a good little time here. So see you on another update.

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