Friday, 20 April 2012


Because of been drowned with work, and busy updating unimportant things on this blog
This odd feeling jerit-jerit asked me to update about my brother.

Last Friday, if not mistaken on 13th of April,
he updated something on his facebook, I was totally never thought of anything serious
I just saw the bowling game changed to golf
I thought he is going to participate himself the next day for golf tournament
but then the next day, I got text from mom told me that

'I just got back from visiting abang, he was diagnosed to have bone cancer and gonna operate this Tuesday'

Can you imagine how I feel that time I received that unexpected text?
Macam nak gugur jantung..
You know how it feels right if one your family member been diagnosed to any disease
Unless you dont care about them, you'd surely not worried about it.

I am here, and they were at home.
I feel separated, I am not allowed to go home, I've only been informed with a little info.
But I know why mom did so, because she doesn't want me to feel disturbed with this news.
Well, I respect that.
So, today I heard that my brother had discharged from KPJ Kajang this afternoon.
I feel grateful, but I feel really sorry, sympathy and sad for my brother because
though the operation went well, I know that he still can't believe for this fate.

Look at his jari manis, macam ada hole dekat tengah tengah tu right? 

But thank God bone cancer dia tak merebak, and been detected earlier before it become worst.
And what makes my sympathy grew higher is; tulang ni di ganti dengan tulang pingang.
Which I know, the effect will shown up at his olden days in future.
But well, I just can pray for you and I want you to be strong abang.
You know you have us, and your wife and you little cute kids with you.

We all love you, abang..