Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Today I learnt, how a leader need to have a good emotional balance, stable commitment and the patience. I learnt, how I shouldn't cry over small things occurred, and admit that a leader should't has that feeling of easily give up. I see people around me, the environment I live, obviously the air I breath the land I stand and the atmosphere I feel were so different than my own place. Then I just realize I should be happy with this kind of life, should bear with it for another 4years. But for the part of leadership, for my own sake I am seriously failed. Physical, mental and emotional. Maybe because I've been so pampered by family before, so I barely have the strength to lead or to face people that against me or people that are different from my casualness. Today, I cried for I have this fate. For I weak in handling small matters. But maybe in another years, I'll be really mentally prepared to participate myself on that leadership stuff. But for now, I wanna be ordinary worker learn and gain more would be better. So cheers! For me and others.

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