Monday, 30 April 2012

6decades later

Haha seeeeeeeee how the faces would definitely change to the super-awesomely-ugly.
And yes, I suddenly got the idea of using this photo for my wedding invitation card soon.
With the caption, hingga hujung nyawa.  Then I was thinking that, they might laughing so hard for this card that they'd think that 'Gila ke hape anne ni tkda kojeee'
Well, I'll take that as something that impresses people and steal my idea.
Hahha but somehow I think, these creepy shots are just for close friends, because can you imagine what is the eldest (uncle & aunty level) 's impression later? iDie!
I dont want my reception,been ended up with just few people see me on my wedding-dress :3
But seriously I like the idea..
You dont know how I really adore his face with the wrinkle-skin and barely see his lips like dry-lips and his smiling eyes are still there, he's still adorable in this shot I can tell, honestly.

And all the current news that we know, about the early marriage had suddenly urged me to reach the phase of married-lady. Its not that I don't wanna spend my bachelor time, its just the matter of the one who I usually spend time with, go out with, and always be with. The excitement would increases when the one we love are officially and legally , be our husband.

We as muslims, chose the right path. End up with early marriage isn't that bad, tons of benefits we'll see sooner or later. I believe in God. And you don't know how I really hope the possibility for us to have an early-marriage. I just want it to happens.

p/s : see you in less than 25days darling..xo