Thursday, 19 January 2012

Something you dont know.

Yes, I've been informed earlier about stuff that I'd be posted to any rural areas school after I had finished my degree soon. It was sometimes scares me , but sometimes it have me thinking that maybe I should try and feel the real hardship. But of cos I am not used to it.

Dear my girls here,
 I hope you guys would understand my condition, if I use jeans to the cafe, any food stall or the malls, or I wear my flat shoes to dinner or I put on make up on my face or maybe I sprayed my perfume it is because I am used to it. Its me, my life my environment. Where I rarely go out with the tracksuits, or no face powder etc. My dad taught me that way, my mom lead me such way eversince I was a kid. And about the tudung, I might need some times to wear it permanently though I know it is compulsary in Islam but at least I still perform my 5-times-a-day-prayer.

Dont underestimate me or ever insult me, because I was born that way of life. My family's environment were maybe far way different from all of you, but dont worry I still have the respective tolerance in me towards you. I need your support isntead of satires because all I have here just all of you, the nearest sisters and brothers. If I could get into you, please take me for who I am.

I love all of you here.

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