Sunday, 29 January 2012

I might be sad tonight..

But what to do, I still have to pack things up and tomorrow still I would get into flight and fly in the sky and get there to Kuching. STILL. Thats my journey, either I like it or not, I need to pretend to like it. I hate staying in distance or maybe I dont like it to be far from home. Yet again, this is my journey, and each journey need a pengorbanan. Till we meet again in March, pals.

There goes my craziness while skypoing with Farid :)

Anyway Nad, if only you read my blog I would want to say that I am pretty sure that I have a pretty smile. (okay perasan jap). Maybe some says no but some says yes, at least they make me feel better. Instead of you criticized my pout right, I am sorry that you were wrong because I can still smile properly, love.

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