Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A great three days..

Sorry I've been a little bit busy since Farid was here for three days.
I know, very short thats why we really spent that precious short time wasteless.

Everything would be great if I come back to Semenanjung, yes everything.
Either with the family, friends, stuffs and of course boyfriend.
Well a big happiness is a family bussiness right?
So I put Farid, together inside the group of my family though its actually coming soon-to-be.


You know how excited we were, after a while? Too many plans we planned and all were like mixed up and doesnt fixed one on the day, because at the end, we went for movie 'Underworld' at Aeon Bukit Tinggi which it was out of plan. It was a good movie (I think) because I you know I kind of dislike that kind of Horror movie. But the ending? Hmmph, not so good it just end up with a question. Okay for me, 3 stars only kot. Then, we went to Sunway Pyramid, another out of plan. We jalan-jalan there, looking for some stuffs and sudden met Daniele (my bestfriend) and her boyfriend there. Just a quick-conversation with them, we after that went to Carls Jr for late-lunch and yes it was the most horrible lunch I ever had there. Idk why, that day everything I ate (THERE) it taste, tasteless. And yes, because of that with my intention, I was directly prohibits myself from eat at CJ again. Yes will never ever ever ever again. Done with lunch then we went to Popular, and I quickly grabbed my favourite novels and CLEO's mag, and Farid bought himself "A doctor in the house-Dr. Mahathir" , oh of course vouchers were sponsored by hehehe Farid himself. Thanks a bunch sayang. Sunway seemed boring then he drove me back to Shah Alam and we lepak at Pakli for a cold-drink and I had coolblog. Thats very cool and I love that short journey with him.


The end.


Yesterday, yes it was a very thoughtful yesterday where the day before yesterday I mean of course you know Sunday my mom was Idk suddenly she asked me to invite Farid to have lunch at home, and obviously I know why because she wanted us to makan and spend a day only at HOME. Then I told Farid to come over and yes with that very-naturally-shy-attitude in him he came over and met my parents. Well its not just him, my sister's boyfriend was also here yesterday. Very special yesterday I can say, and Farid told me that he's confident that he'll be part of my family soon enough. InsyaAllah.

The end.


Its today, our last day and guess that we gonna see each other again like pn May? Zzzz okay its okay, I take that as dugaan/ test for every relationship, even Daniele's boyf was sent to Indonesia for work (engineering). Proud much right. Well, I sent him to the bus station today after we had a quick-breakfast at Sec 18. So sad and yes sad, I feel like times fly too fast w/o we realize what we've missed and we havent do yet. And I want you to know baby, I've already miss you so much. We aint got the chance to celebrate our advance anniversary right, we will soon when we got the chance. I'll make sure, it'll be our memorable moment.

Until we meet again sayang, love you loads.

Three precious and thoughtful days went really smooth, in hope that every sacrifice we gone through will give us price or benefits soon. We always pray for happiness in present and future, amin..

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