Sunday, 15 January 2012

I might be a little emo but..

Yes, I might be.

I would like to thank everybody, yes everybody for last year even till this tick. Thank you so much to my parents for sending me to college like too many places I've been offered to study, and of cos the decision and my route to here won't run smoothly without both of you, the strong spirit you gave me. Thank you so much to my siblings and my extended family for your full support. Thank you Mama for the endless talks we had during my super long after SPM break and until now you still got the time to talk to me. And thank you Ayah for being a very supportive dad, for your love, and yeah.. everything.

Thank you Farid, for filling up most of my days throughout 2011. You are a god sent and I am so glad to have you, even if you're so far away now. Meeting and talking to you back after so long that eventually led to something special that has never been planned.. Well it's destiny. If everything goes well, Insya Allah we'll see each other again. "Five years" is a challenge, but I know, and I believe that god will unite us one day in a legal and Halal way if we're meant to be. We've planned that good things right, so maybe it would be "four years". Again, Insya Allah. 

Thank you to my hometown friends, for being there each and every break that I have. Those lunch dates at Pakli, sleepovers, quick outing, barbeque night etc, I appreciate them all. There are no other friends that my family knows personally, know their names and make an effort to get to know their parents the way that they know you people personally. Thank you for the beautiful memories we've made throughout high school, I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for you people. You know who you are. :) 

I would like to thank my beloved teachers for teaching me and telling me how hard everything's going to be and this is not high school anymore. Thank you for waking me up and making me realise what reality really is. 

Thank you to my TESL friends, especially my girls for bearing with me. You girls are usually the first group of people that I complain about my days to. Thank you to my fellow TESL-ians, who taught me the meaning of sisterhood and brother-sisterhood in a boarding school. We only have each other as entertainment in a secluded place like Batu Lintang. Thank you for the endless amount of laughter and happiness you guys have brought into my life when my days get rough and when I miss home so much. I know we all don't live close to each other, still new still feel the home sickening but still yeah, thank you so much!

I doubt that even half of the people mentioned are reading this but if you happen to read this, please know that you have a special place in my heart. 

I love you guys. Seriously.

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