Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy 2012

I aint got any new resolution,
just each upcoming days I'll try to be better,
better than yesterday nor before
looking forward for any good things and attitudes.

But to reflect back what has happened in 2011,
all are very wordless priceless etc (you name it)
the most beautiful memory is when I've never expected to seriously fall in love
yet I have him with me and get loved by him.
How he appreciates me, loves me, really care for me,
respects me, and getting closer to my family compared to all the old ones.
I didnt say he's super perfect but he's more than enufffff to complete me.

And the second one,
When finally I chose to follow mom's request,
which I need to sacrifice my dream-job (lawyer) and changed it to a teacher to be.
I quit my law Uitm, I leave my favourite friends there, and every good moment.
Its really good to have them around, to tease each other to have each laughter together.
I made a big future-decision for mom and dad.
I want them to be happy, and instead I've been thinking that it aint that bad if I go for Tesl.
In hope, there's a hikmah for all this.
And now, I'm here in Sarawak for Tesl .
Almost reach the second sem already, well..
Sometimes I feel good, sometimes its fully miserable to be here.
But its a common feeling, wherever I be or stay.
I just need to adapt and adopt the new environment no matter what happen.
I know, I have my girls and few boys here that could help me feeling good here.

Well, I still need to continue my life my journey and catch my future.
Oh anywayssss..
InsyaAllah kad kahwin sampai kat u olls in 2017 hihihi :P

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