Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The monotony

I breath the air, the different air from my place, the odd people I see, that is journey.
Well happy Tuesday everyone, guess that I have nothing much to write today since I gotta less story to be storied. Summer has begun, sometimes it windy and rarely to see the sky cries. The breeze give us feeling, feeling of something rare, something awkward and some feeling that unpredictable. I dont know how to express it here, but ought to feel it when there's a distance between people you love ( family) . I learnt that when I am away, away from my origin place, I need to be more independent, far away to be pampered. Things you do, hardship you goes through, foods that you feed in, clothes that unwashed you need to wash by yourself. You choose, your life, you lead the way, you depends on yourself, you yourself bring your life either to good or to bad. You choose. Distance, teach me so much thing. I have never thought of being this far, studying in here and surviving alone. Its million miles away. But who cares, its a journey.

And I feel better as a person here because yeah I know where my sejadah and telekung are, I pray more than I do at home, and yeah I know where my Quran is. I don't read it out loud on a daily basis but yeah, sometimes at times before I sleep I open up my Quran and I prefer to read those with translation actually. But, surely I have been struggling in memorizing (still) surah Al-Mulk. Its my most favourite surah.  

As much as I vowed to study harder, for now I don't think I've been doing enough. I hope all those laziness will leave and the momentum will come.

So yeah Happy Tuesday everyone xx

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