Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The hardship

Who says we're all living at the centre of Kuching's town we're not gone through hardship or lack of anything? We gone through lots of it , countless. I could name it what kind of stuff that we always lack off. Like now, everyday okay I repeat everyday, we are lack of water supply. You know how hard it is? Kuching its only a big name,but you didn't feel the stress we have everyday. The most stressful time is that time after we got back from class, got to take a bathe got to pee got to defecates got to go for laundry and you name it what do you need else from water. Even, I got to waste like 30 minutes waiting for the watercooler to fully fill my bottles; so wasting time I tell you. But what to do, otherwise I have to pay 1buck for 500ml bottle of water, yet there goes another waste right? Other than that, I had experienced days and nights without electricity, no lights on, no fans spinning, no washing machine's working, no iron could be used etc. It was hardship ! We're suffering for unexpected things that are supposedly not to be happened. All we need are just to prepare ourselves for the upcoming unexpected days. Besides that, those construction's work are still in progress, yes still in progress. Thought progress to better yet I think there's nothing I could describe as better. I get annoyed with this kind of situation, ugly-view and environment bcs I'm not used to it, well not demanding ; bcs at least I am still survive, still going through each days here. Proud much huh. Oh yah not to forget, Kuching is also more or less like Kuala Lumpur I tell you, we also have flash flood every end of year. Last week, on Thursday if not mistaken, 2 peoples drowned after been swept away by the heavy-water. Tragedically happens, but me as one of the temporary-Sarawakian, together pray for their soul to get peace up there with God. Okay the next one is, money money and money. Foods, drinks (especially), stationaries, books, clothes , branded stuffs, transport's fare, groceries etc are really really really I tell you expensive to the max! You'll not survive if you got less money, or you spend so much on unimportant stuffs. Really need to make budget and control the money usage because even the allowance we get every months are sometimes not enough, like me I still depends on pa&ma's bank hehe. No money no honey no foods no everything right. It requires big money spent when you got to study in here. And its excluded the airplane tickets some more, we need to always check for the latest update nor promo on AirAsia's webpage if there's a big promotion. And since I'll get home for every school-holiday. And it doesnt include the novels and reference books yet dictionary that is compulsary and so do the handsout etc really make us spent too much money here well I bet every students does right. So isnt a big problem because its necessarily we need them. And last but not least, a so-not-cool thing strike when you and your roomate have to welcome in the third person to your room. Can you imagine, our room isnt a big one, its just a very small 4 walls room, too small, even my own room at my house is even better, bigger and comfortable, MY room not a sharing-with-two-or-many-person's room. So, we just need the idea and use our cleveressness of brain to survive and manage how to pack 3 persons in a small crib. Yes we had succeed in managing it, but in the same time we are sufferingsssssssssss. But thank God, few weeks coming, we are no longer three and back to two again. So again freedom for us, oh actually for me. Well, that's that. Thats what we called as life, no easy and perfect life we ought to go for hardship first yet only the indulgency will come after.

If you want a good and perfect life, I suggest you to watch any Barbie's movie. You would feel their fantastic and awesome magical world. But of course, they'll show you their hardship part before they come for happiness but they fought the hardship with magic. See, that is Life. We couldnt get rid of the hardship. If only we are happens to live with magics , everything is going to be good, great, excellent, awesome and runs smoothly like pretty smooth as Barbie's world. But as muslim, we trust all of this hardships happened for reasons and yet will be rewarded soon or sooner. He knows best, be grateful and thankful.

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