Sunday, 19 February 2012

In deep.

All this while I've been searching for any surah that shall give me protection in any kind of distraction I might have/gotten. Of course you may learn, yourself on how to defend, how to hide, how to run, how to avoid yourself from any circumstances but I know, there's a reason why some thing happens, where, what, who and how its all the almighty's plan.

we are oftenly read this surah ; Al-Falaqm usually during we perform our 5times a day prayer .
Do you know what's the purpose of this surah been read? Do you really know what you read.
Okay I'm not good, disebabkan I know that I am not a good muslim so I have these intention to install this app on my phone , ''The Holy Quran". This mobile-textbook is intended for those who break ground in Quran studying. At the basis of the textbook, there are the translation and the tafsirs of modern elucidators , and also the hadith of Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him.

Thus, this app allows people, including me whom lack of knowledge of Arabic ( dulu class Arab I skipped and dropped the subject hehehewww kan dah tak faham :P ) get to know the pronunciation and content of separate surahs of Quran.

I found this phrase of meaningful meaning. Its about hasad, since I know even sekecil zarah pun, akan ada dalam hati kita hasad dengki towards other people. So guysss, take a look at this.

Make yourself free to at least flip your quran, and read the tafsirs the random content of it. It is an interesting real stories of daily basis. In hope, that all of you might gotten the bless and greet from Allah SWT Insyallah.

Assalamualaikum , jawab dapat pahala. Hehehehew.

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