Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Piece of it

I didnt mean to mention about love problem here but I've been urged by myself to share this one story from Farid's friend. I think this is for us, and so for any other lovebirds out there that recently quarrel between each other like us, like we did everyday. I dont know whats the matter of quarreling but I think we should've better stop it. Stop for best.

ISTERI  : abg ape kata mlm ni kita xpyh tdur sama2.. abg tdo luar, ayang tdur dlm bilik.       
SUAMI : kenapa syg.. 
ISTERI  : ha.. ayang ada 1 prmainan, ayang catatkn smua kburukan abg sbyk mgkin dan abg pun catatkn tntg 

               kburukan ayang sbyk mgkin!esok pg kita baca balik tntg apa yg kita dah tulis tu..          
SUAMI : ok. 

mlm tu si isteri senaraikan tntg kburukan suami dia smpai xtdur.. suami dia di ruang tamu pun x tdur...hingga pg wktu sarapan,

ISTERI  : ha, mcm mana, siapa nk mulakn dlu?  
SUAMI : ayang dlu mulakan..
ISTERI  : ok abg dgr tau, (sambil mngeluarkn 2,3 helai kertas yg dicatat nya mlm td) 
ISTERI  : abg x romentik... abg x pndai pujuk.. abg bla bla bla.. bla bla bla.. ok dah, skang abg plak! 
 SUAMI : (die mngeluarkn 3,4 helai kertas yg kosong) abg mntak maaf... takde apa yg abg dpt senaraikn tntg 
                kburukan ayg. sbb abg trima ayg seadanya.. dan sgala kburukan ayg abg sentiasa maafkn.. dan 
                abg mntak maaf klau abg xsempurna di mata ayang 

> > si isteri trgamam dn air mata jatuh berlinangan, terus die peluk dan memohon ampun pd suami  
       nya.. dia mnyesal, kerana tlh mlukakan hati suami nya.. die juga sedar dan brsyukur.. bhawa    
       suami nya adalah insan yg terbaik yg tlh dianugerah kn untuk-Nya.. ++ Siapa nak share, silakan 
       :-) - Via Thira Hamdan

Well, I didnt say that I was imagining that its me in that place called wife but as a girlfriend sometimes I know I gave to much tense to him. You know how girls can act if they get jealous or mad or doubt etc? I tell you its totally horrible, troublesome and you name it. Maybe yeah some wouldnt agree with this, but trust me how strong your exterior shows, I know it wasn't the same as what you feel inside. 

And I think this story is so meaningful, the clauses that they used are really have its own meaning. We might sometimes be under control, but maybe we shall try to be not over limit in that madness lane. 

And believe me in this modern society, its so rare to find this kind of husband/man. For me, I can tell that Farid is one this kind of attitude where he's so sweet heart and softspoken. I give this compliment to you baby, and you know that as well because I word it so many times right. So I should be grateful, not with acting always have huge-doubt, uneasy feelings and too pushy. Imma fire and he's the water. 

But with anykind of man/ woman are you together with, never regret on it. Why count the wrong, why dont we count the blessings right? so yeah just enjoy the moment, and I sip this also for myself as a present and future reminder in love happiness. 

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