Saturday, 11 February 2012

A little heart broken

I have never told you or share with you my secret-past. Because I do respect our relationship. I respect you and seriously I envied your attitude which you are so soft spoken, sweetheart and respect me. But somehow yesterday I don't know why when we were in the middle of this conversation, your stories really broke my heart. I feel fully guilt and I dont know what is your purpose of telling me that story. I wouldn't mention it here, but though you I've forgave you, still I dont have the guts to resist the feeling of sad and frustrated. I just want to understand your past, compliments your present and support your future no matter what. Life is too short to stress about it because at last I know, we would find each other because indeed we need each other so much.

And another broken heart when today , I went to the mall I saw those people were holding roses, a box with red ribbon or some else it hurts me when I saw a Valentine booth! Red is the symbolic of love. Along this 19years of living my life, I have never get the chance to celebrate valentine, because somehow the love doesnt exist that time or like now he's too far away from me. I've always wish that I'll get the chance to at least one celebrate it in my teenage year, but what to do its 2 days to go. And next year the valentine comes when I'd already reach the adulthood year. Its okay.

Well, I would like to explain a bit what is Valentine for me. Why is it people always being a narrow minded and descriminate those who celebrate it? Why do you need to take it hardly? Valentine is a special day which that day you shall see its a full of roses and red hearts day. Its like a love day, why are you people seeing that valentine is a praise for christian day? I tell you, different people, different perception and meaning of it. Why should you yang tak celebrate it nak condemn people yang sambut. I know we can celebrate it lain hari but tak salah nak celebrate and enjoy the love day, like we share it with the whole world. Please lah dont be so judgmental person and semua benda pun nak judge, just enjoy the moment okay. Its gonna be fun without you touch the other religion sensitivity pun.

We live once, so treat today like there is no more tomorrow for us. Islam pun galakkan begitu kan, do the best for today like tomorrow you'll die. Thats all, assalamualaikum semua xx

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