Sunday, 5 February 2012

Not at all

Not all people in this world like us, respect us, envy us, love us or hate us. They come in different part of interest. Or maybe they like, they love they fancy but yet possibly could hate us too. Even me, I've learn that not all my friends would feel easy with me or even me would feel easy with them. Some might not suit with me. But, it doesnt matter as long as I can still bring myself and enjoy the moment. Maybe sometimes, its kind of hurt but you know this is the time for me to learn, how to bring myself ahead and being desperately positive in whatever condition though you know it is HARD! Thats how life treat you, either bad or good we still need to accept, and go through it. If only in this world God produced the same kind of human being, then life would be tremendously boring, thats why we were born in different attitude. I think I just need to be careful and just enjoy the moment. But, I want it to be perfect where if I do respect other people's life or their privacy then they should do the same. Not being nosy and busybody or lousy or whatever you name it. Sometimes, the element of true friendship need to be widely exposed to some people. So you'll know what you must do or mustn't do.

Anyway, I really miss home and my loved ones there in my place :'(

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