Monday, 6 February 2012


You dont like people then there are people who doesnt like you.
You cheat then you'll be cheated.
You backstab someone then you'll be backstabbed.
You are being 2 faces then there are people who'll acting nice to you but talk bad behind you.
You talk harsh, then people will talk double harshy with you.
You are being unpolite then people will do the same.
You copy then you'll be copied.
You laugh at someone's appearance then actually there are people laugh at yours.
You complaint this and that then people complaint about you.
You have other person actually you're hated.
You point finger on someone then you'll be pointed next other time.
You dont smile to people then dont ask why people didnt smile to you.
You dont appreciate friends then dont ask why are you being ignored.
You dont love people dont ask why you are not being loved.
You are being sellfish then people will not share anything with you also.
You over tease someone dont ask why people tease like that with you.

Everything you do it will reflect back to you. What's the matter of being judgmental, nosy and jaga tepi kain orang? And what's the matter or complaining someone's life, even my life? You know actually you maybe lack of something, maybe you are lack of things I have that you dont have. There are few reasons why people talk/complain/kutuk.
1.Because maybe we are wrong.
2.Because maybe they want things get better
3.Because they are actually jealous and envy your life.

Well, obviously we know mostly the reason would be number 3. Even I admit myself I sometimes judge because I jealous. I think I always being nice to people, jauh pula to hurt them so what's the matter of tak puas hati? Haha I know I dont take things for granted, maybe your reason is number 3. Go on, I dont mind. I shouldnt get bothered with those distractions. I am fine and happily breath the peaceful air. My advice is, maybe sometimes you need to live in maturity :) lesson learn.

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