Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Where there's a will there's a way

Not so lifeless but well maybe true maybe not maybe arrgh whatever.
Since my friends are now busy with final, classes, and assginments and since he also has safely arrived at the campus so I decided to have a very tough-week this week.
Its like "work-outtttttt timeeeee".
You know how unexpectedly I have gained 2 kgs? Okay you can I say am kind of kecoh lebih ((BUT)) ..
If you only korang korang semua dkt my place you would feel apa rasa naik 2 kg....
I know lah korang korang tk tengok gambar hot I time high school kan.
I will show I will show then you may compare and clarify yourself why is that 2kgs scare me so much.

*click for the large image; but I think dont bcs it might scares you hahaha.

Hahahahaha proud much huhhh?!

And soooooo.. 
because of all the fat of me photos, I am still avoiding rice and still doing my exercise-routine.
I wouldnt want to go back to the old me it is scary.
You know how it feels to be fat and chubby gila?
Even people at school called me Polar Bear bcs you know I got a fair-skin and fat, 
so do the polar bear white-and big! pffftttt -.-"
How people cursed you, and called you such embarassing and stupid nickname,
how might you have a very-high-self-confident nor esteem?
That kind of people should be shutted and ditched.
But, bcs of my humbleness I took all of the cursing words to be the spirit of getting shape!
I know I WAS shapeless. But I guess I am no more. Neheee. 
Proud of myself well for those who are now planning to go for a diet, what you need is KESUNGGUHAN.
W/o kesungguhan you wouldnt succeed believe it or not, just believe.

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