Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Double S

Got up with a so not good mood SINCEEEEE...
Farid like again canceled the plan to go out!!  You would never get how mad I was this morning or I bet even any other girls would feel the same if you know your boyfriend keep on postponing your date or wtv plan that are supposed to be done within the time that've been promised. Yet too much distractions or reasons really can spoiled your girlfriend's nor wife's mood okay I tell you dear men.

And soooooooo...
I sit and think of what activity that could cheer me today.

Here the story of the day, begun with..

# FIRST S ; Spagethi.

Okay tuan tuan dan puan puan *Chef Wan's style* harini saya Mariya Anneeyna, one of the candidates of Masterchef Junior would want toTRY to cook a spagethi. Big challenge and stroke my nerves *eyuw bajetnyeww* . Well, as for me I dont like things to be cliche or not-well-ordered, so I akan prepare dulu all the ingredients yang diperlukan.

My bestfriend did share with me few steps to cook this, its really appreciated honey! But you know I've been urged by myownself to google for any simplest recipes than what you gave me last night hihi. So, here we go!

The ingridients :

Dice your onion and garlic 
( depends on berapa byk yang korang suka nak letak )

Dice your button mushrooms

Dice your tomatoesssss 
( well more is better sebab lagi umpppph! )

Stripes your carrot
( I've boiled them first since I want them to be lembut and tak rasa too raw )

Ramly mincemeat 
( well above wasnt a mincemeat, its actually the burger one sebab Zaani gila 
asked to ambik je so I just bought this one, and yet I just need to blend this meat
 sampai lah tercincang mcm ni, as simple as that kannnn.. )

San Remo's spagethi
( You need to boil them with palm-oil /olive-oil/corn-oil nor butter/planta)

Andd of coz you'll need this Prego pasta sauce.

Anddddddddddd...... this is the last product of all ingredients Exclude the spagethi.


Okay, that's that.
Lets move on to the second S
Which it was a...

# Surpriseeeeee sayangg!!!

I like surprise as much as I do for make a surprise itself.
Since last night I was really really reaaaaallaaayyy mad at him and we had a small quarrel *konon2 je tu*
I think that madness isnt supposed to ruin my entire good day lah kan, so apa lagi siap siap start kereta, dengan excited nya I drove to Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam.
Actually cik abg tu tengah tidur, tak senonoh perangai dah after zohor if not mistaken that time dia boleh sedap tidur , I know lah the weather is good to just landing dkt atas vono tapi agak lah broooooo..

I gave him a woken-up call :

Me:   Baby. Goodmornoon! (morning&afternoon) Amboii, kerja buruh ke last night, penat sangat ni?
Him:  Morning sayang, pukul berapa now? *still yawning*
Me:   Its 115pm now, I want you to get up and take your shower now! Text me before 135pm!  
        Otherwise, am not gonna see you again. I'm serious baby, realllllly serious!
Him: Hah? Mana sempattttt? Come on.
Me:  I dont care, okay bye.

So nearest to his place, yet got a bbm saying that he has done took his shower.
And I was like, "Okay wait for me .I havent showered yet dont go downstairs for lunch first, wait until I've done my shower bcs I have something really important to discuss with you!" Hahahahahaha that time I dah tergelak nak pecah perut time drive tau haha.

It was raining, super-heavily raining.
In front of his house ; Bbm-ing

Me:   Where are you? Upstairs?
Him: Yes, sayang dalam bilik lagi ni. 
        *that time guruh memang kuat gilaaaaaa, and it took a long second for him to respond my bbm

Him: What's the matter?
Me:  Why it tooks so long for you to respond my bbm?
     :  Takkan takut guruh kot baby
     :  Muahahahahahahaha

Him: Hahahahahaa 
      : Sudahlah, I saw you dekat bawah okay. Hahahahaha
      : Wait, b siap then I'll come to you in a bit.
     : Hah, how come you seeeeee me heh? -.- 
     : Okay lah bye.

Thennnnnnnnn, he said he it was weird when I said that "takut guruh" one to him,
so he took a look at the window of his room and saw me down there he says. 
And after that I drove him to Mcdonalds for latelunch and Pakli for hi-teaa.
I know its sickening everytime am with him since he loves to eat so our spots are usually at kedai-makan okeyhhh. 

Here are some memories for today :

Oh by ze wayzz, his mom loves my spagethi hihi 
well I assumed thats the benefit of cooked it with full-of-love :) 


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