Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The phenomenon.

Well, I can say its a very big phenomena. Eversince my brother and his wife been waiting for so long, for a few days but still havent got the chance to watch it. Its Alamanda Putrajaya stories, thank God at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Farid and me got the chance to watched it today! We went there about 1030am and bought the ticket for the screening at 11am. Well actually I told Farid that there's a people who told me that OR wasnt that great so its on the spot buried the sense of watching it but yet I've been seduced by my sayang so there we go. Thats that, what can I say is, the person who got sentimental and very touched today was me! While I have Farid sitting next to me, silently nor sentimental-less. Haha well I know some people said, that movie dont even touched them, well thats you not me. We're different right so why should us be compared. You would want me to frankly explain the storyline? Awh, I think you guys should just go and watch it by yourself, I tell you it is worth it to spend only a few bucks for this movie, oha if only you want the cheapest price go to the nearest TGV cinemas on wednesday, they offered the super cheapest ( I know tgv only no gsc no mbo hihi). 

Oh well..
Aaaa wellll....... 
Because of too obsessed w Aaron Aziz and been influenced by O.Rindu..
I have made tiiizzzz.. hihihi

Photoshop Element 6 

The original photo :P

Well, since that I changed my wallpaper on my blackberry to this kikikikii.....

I feel so like celebrities well all I can say i am just a hard die fans of Aaron, just a fans not a fan (kipas tu okay) hahaha. Alright then thats all for today, Assalamualaikum.. Tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang ( inspired ; Maria Elina)

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