Saturday, 24 December 2011

Burnt and bitter

Its windy.. Its cloudy..Its sometimes drizzle..With the unwanted thunderclaps..
No bird's chipping..No cat's caterwauling..Just a loud speckled of raindrop's sound..
*exaggerating much lah I hahaha padahal I still dengar the sound's of vroom-ing nor the voices of
 my neighbour's quarrel over themselves.*
Mummy and daddy I dont know since when they went out but I think I know the exact place they'll lepak every weekend, my new house. Tt, kakak and even me myself okay somehow like dont really like our new one since it is still fresh and like belum ada unifi lagi apa semua so we better duduk rumah lama kan.
[[ OKKAY ]]
Ada abang abang and one sister pun I rasa macam I anak tunggal semua tak duduk rumah
I pun sesoghanggg lah kan kat rumah ape omputih cakap home elon? eh ke home along? maap lah hihi.
How it feels when you have to just stay at home and spend the weekend with not-ttthinnnngg.
Bowink angatz angatz okeyyyrrhhh.
I ajak dua orang babygirls tu keluar ada kerja pula.
I ajak si hareez and zaani jogging dua dua tak reply (kalau ajak jog mmg cmtu kalau ajak mkn "pasti reply!")
Bbm yang lain semua part-time lagi haih.
Thus, I'd finally decide to having a so relaxing Saturday on the comfortable couch, with a glass of extra-cold lychee juice and with the tv on and brought me to Star World's world.






You know what is this? With the unpleasant feeling, I would let you know thattt: 
The right one is : Charcoal
The left one is   : Not-really a charcoal but more likely the same -.-'' It WAS a cake, supposedly to be a cake
But at the time I'm baking my bestfriend just came over and unfortunately we didnt realize how time passing by us till I was totally forgot about the cake at ze kitchenzz.
Thanks to my gay-friend-that-I-hate-the-most ; Ahmad Bakhtiar for being sooo baik hati sebab suddenly he posted my cake dengan charcoal on my facebook's wall. I really-really-really appreciate that!
Well at least, I tell you it tasted good okay though the fact is at the end I threw them out.
But still proud for baking that hihihihiii.

P.S. I can't believe it myself, but I am starting to miss college so much! It has always been the other way round, me missing home etc but this time it's for real; I am IPBL's sick.

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