Monday, 12 December 2011

Unpaid teacher

Okay, thought of the plan has been canceled or maybe I hope that Zaani would forget about the study-thing, because supposedly I have a date with Farid but yknow for his own sake (agagaa) ,no dateee for todayhh.

AND YET......

I was totally wrong because Zaani did reminds me of tomorrow (which is today)
but its okay, all of a sudden I'm getting a lil bit excited to teach him.
I need to teach or maybe tutoring him a quick-lesson for english
since he's so near to the final this Thursday.
And I gathered all kind of reference's books that I think are needed.

We have a very quick tutorial class at Mcdonalds today,
And for Gods sakeeee, I dont know why but I feel so embarrassed bcs it seemed like I was okay maybe I should slow down my voice *daaa bukan kau nak ajar satu mcdonalds cikgu oi* hahahaha
anddd tutor him till he get satisfied with all the confussions.

It was actually messy than this. 

Well actually till both of us stopped because we know we are hunggarayhhh hihihi.
Siapa hero dia belanja lah kan tkkn perempuan ayu nak belanja :P
Okay I am not that mean, bcs I just asked him to treat me that Prosperity's Set but without the prosperity itself since I am on diet okay tuan tuan puan puan I dont eat too much so dont worry if ehemmm anyone would want to go out with me .

P/s : Instead of any quick tutorial or wtv kind of revision that you do without prayer and tawakal, it means nothing :)

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