Saturday, 26 January 2013

When you hurt me, I'm alive.

I dont understand why must some people acting so nice , like close friends like very very close, but then actually had badmouthed about us on the social networking or the people near them. What is your point actually? Called me day & night, so caring asked me this and that, okay or not okay but then in the same time bragging bad about me on social networking site? TWITTER! Ah, that's very obvious now how people misused the social networking sites, I know I did so too but at least okay at least I didn't acting nice and back-stab good friends. Tak suka cakap lah tak suka. That's my style. If I tak suka either my family's/boyfriend's/bestfriend's/friends' attitude, I have my own way to confront/ to tell them so and so. I mean, maybe yes in some parts we have to control lah kan and take it slow and see how it goes. But to continuously sugarcoat others with good words and then suddenly when that person PANG knows that you actually had done something yang not-so-nice-to-see-or-hear, kan dah rosakkan your image. Image kita not only paras rupa, but our attitude. 

Kita gedik or relaks ke
Kita punctual or alwayssssss come 30minutes late ke
Kita generous or kedekut gila ke
Kita easygoing or sombong ke
Kita respectful or rude ke
Kita pemalu sangat-sangat or malu bertempat ke
Kita pemarah or actually strict ke
Kita suka loya buruk or know when to joke ke
Kita softspoken or outspoken ke
Kita kaya or berlagak kaya ke
Kita cantik or tak berapa nak cantik ke

Its all about attitude. 
Me myself, is not a good person. Not a perfect God's creature.
I am weak, I have flaws, I have bad habits, I tweet emotional-stuffs too... 
but I always remind myself that I am not a teenager anymore. Not really a solid 20, but not a child or sweet-girl anymore. I am now supposed to start behave like a young adult and so my attitude must be bersesuaian dengan age. I memang that kind yang very relaks kot or more to serious way or actually tak GEDIK okay (according to classmates & friends & few lecturers lah he he), its not that I tak layan silly jokes, but I go professionally, ikut masa and tempat and people I am hanging out with. Bila funny, I will laugh, bila sedih, I will give my sympathy and some kind of uplifting words ke apa ke, bila gossip, gossip like there's no tomorrow, bila work, work hard and bila shop, shop till drop lahhh.

So my conclusion for this entry is actually, 

Lace up,cheers, positive and be happy walaupun orang lain sibuk jatuhkan kita. 

I like how Fazura,the actress and Maria Elena have good words to say about self-appreciation and just focus about ourselves rather than to care what people think about us. We know ourselves more than they know us. If there are people kata kita ada kekurangan, we do self-recheck and change. Easy. If rasa susah nak change, slowly don't rush because we all know to change things yang naturally in us, is not an easy work to do. So, have continuity, passion, and pray for good. If terasa diri masih lagi tidak disukai orang, teruskan doa pada Nya, maybe there are things yang we did not notice we'd done wrong and continue doa supaya hati kita sentiasa dilindungi dari black-dots (which may cause prasangka, jealousy, lazy and many bad things) And for those who hate us, we shan't hope for bad things to happen, just pray for good things and successful life for them. Allah knows and hears what you pray. Amin. 


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