Tuesday, 15 January 2013

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Guten Tag
Kumusta Ka

And.. you name any other greeting that you like. So,  hi. I am here. Anne is here. Yes, I am back. I mean you know, some of my super fanatic readers (eyuw over sangat!!) keep asking, raving and questioning me where is my new update. So today, I am like regaining some yknow spiritual-urge to blog again. I actually have a lot to write, like really really a lot and how I wish I could easily phrase each of the thought I have right now. But tengah overload sekarang because I am working on some reports of my own duty. So, busy sikit. Nevermind, this is like a brief-introduction post of my very first update in this new year along with new resolution, new determination, new spirit, new hope, new dream, new look, new attitude, anddd New York  he he. Whatever azam yang uols have listed on your 2013-Wish-List, I hope you yourself make it happens, not giving up, strive harder than usual, and have faith in Him. My new year resolution actually with no doubt, and happily I nak share here is, to be a better lady in religion aspect of course. Like, never want to miss any prayer again, read Quran everyday so I can feel and enjoy about the ancient, present and future stories of The Greatest, and to the last hope, to wear scarf.  Who knows, one day I akan jadi duta for Ariani Scarf. Wow. Berangan Maria Elena sangat. But who cares, just dream, dream like this whole universe is yours. You govern the world. Those who have big dream, usually have high possibility to success because dorang macam have had the imagination of how they want their future to be like. So uols, mimpi.. teruskan mimpi but jangan mimpi disiang hari, biarlah jadi mimpi sampai ke bintang no matter what your dreams are.

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