Monday, 21 January 2013


Badi. Not B U D D Y. This is Badi, if you do not very clear what is badi it is like virus lah yang berjangkit (okay CRAP!). But I suppose everyone knows what it is. This week, yah we were surprised by few shocking agendas.

-Shasha Mendoza mocked the opposition lah, 
-Bavani and Sharifah whatever lah, 
-Shasha Mendoza's nude photo lah, 
-The story of Uitm Lendu and Sri Iskandar about.... you know. I know you know. 

So this, week right after many of the students here knew and have read the story pasal hantu hantu ni,I dont know why our campus terkena tempias / badi. Probably not because of the badi or whatever I mentioned above, but yknow how the issue relates to one another that makes me think it is BADI (again I mentioned it)? I mean in not a long-gap of time right. Then tup tup, its already here. I first heard about there was this one senior , kena santau then I was like okay its a small thing nothing to be bragged about. Then the next day, I heard two cases not santau but its like histeria. And we were apparently asked to gather and sat in a group of muslims (who are not Red-flag) to recite Surah Yassin , Al-Jin and Al-Mulk. It was 12am bro 12 am. It has been a long while since I faced the same situation like this, but dulu lah time I was still at the hostel during highschool. So when its like happening here, I kind of nervous to face this. I, pray. I, zikr. In a situation like this, all we can do is to frequent the surah-surah or dua' dua' that we know or familiar, as pelindung dari gangguan jin dan syaitan. 

Don't be afraid of them. 
Don't be too weak. 
Don't think too much of it. 
Lessen your insecurities. 
Because 'They" know, when you are weak. "They' like people who are weak, so 'They' could control you. Subhanallah. So, remember wherever we go sekalipun, makhluk itu ada. Kita just kena kuatkan hati, diri, minda dan iman, trust Him. Sadakallahulazim :)

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