Sunday, 27 January 2013


Its not shuffle yang dok terkinja-kinja dekat park tu okay. Ni shuffle my music playlist.
So I have this current obsession towards acapella songs okay! Ni semua penangan movie Pitch Perfect yang Oh-my-god  very the 5stars movie I tell you. Okay I know some might not like that kind of movie, but think twice! Best what, romantic comedy drama. It has love story, musics, conflicts here and there, lifestyle, life background, etc etc. 
But I can tell I can get sober by shuffling my ipod playlist of their acapella songs! Sampai everytime I dengan my girls, start je menyanyi any song we all mesti nak buat ala-ala acapella. Hehehe and then we all akan look at each other, pastu gelak sebab terasa macam The-Bellas! Cuma we all The-Perasan-Bellas! Haha. As long as kita happy, apa salahnya perasan artis sekejap kan. Well, if you guys haven't watched the movie or haven't heard any of their amazing song yet, sila pergi youtube and search Pitch-Perfect acapella songs. My favourite song lagu Treblemaker (the boys' group) Don't Stop The Music, seriously da bomb! and their Ripp Off -songs I am very very verryyyy sure you guys will love it. Tapi you guys better watch the movie first then baru lah you akan faham and fall more hihihi. 

List of their songs I have

The Bellas


Tada, the hero (Skylar Astin)  and heroin (Anna Kenderick) and the most sweet couple. 
Their voice also nice gila gila! 

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