Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It is a day. was a day.

It was actually my bestfriend's day, Zila. I mean not a birthday or wedding day or whatever.
It was just a day of one big && important result being released, today.

Either she'll fly to Germany or not.

So the result had been announced, you know its like I had been too anxious to know the result. The feeling all stirred and mixed together. Excited Happy Sad Nervous Afraid and  everything you name it..though it was not me who'd be getting the result. 
Well so, my bestfriend missed the opportunity by 2 points only. But you know, its a bestfriend thingy its like 'You pinch the left lap, the right will get the pain' So, I was crying. Crying over the failure of one important person in my life. But to think of it, probably God had planned another better things for her, here. He knows best right. I took few moments to think, that it is actually a good thing to still have her around. Because during the last semester break, I had spent most of the days with her, but still it never felt enough spent. And today, to know that I will still have her around, I have a little contentment and relieve despite of the sadness. Who doesn't want to see a friend (like a sister..) success in her own way that she wants and desires for,right. I guess every girl who has a girl-bestfriend wants to see and wants to success together. Its just a matter of 'You want it / or you leave it' .
So, honey, since you'll be registering your degree at UTP soon, so its not something to be worried of anymore, they will definitely provide you a very high standard and quality education. And the distance between you and him, do not worry if you both want it to stay then it'll stay like I frequently remind, 'No matter how far he goes, no matter how long will it be' if there's a destiny, then  why worry. Work on it. I support you all the way up, all the way to good future of us. So now, be positive and shed your tears. I love you. 

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