Saturday, 19 January 2013

Obviously, I am not but I have an account of it. Tapi kesian I am not as popular as those with thousand of questions to be answered. Sampai I pernah ter-asked (ter okay ter he he) this one person, "Is it like all those questions were asked by strangers/some friends and not you yourself posted it?" Because of mmmm okay whatever. I macam paranoid gila that time negative all the way. Okay lah actually I am kind of jealous sebab my account only has like not more than 10 questions. 8 of them were auto-asked! Hahaha

But! There this one popular question yang people always love to ask me. 
Personally. Orally. Textly. Tweetly.

ANNE.. :( (sad face wajib okay)


These questions were asked by many girls usually yang sometimes asked me the same question like several times, but never followed. Hahaha. I am not degrading you girls bcs I pun lately not really in diet-mood. But the only thing yang I boleh share is, NO SUPPER. I think that's the least thing  you can do. Make sure you have your dinner before 7, and then 7pm onwards, never ambil your smartphone, dial 1300131300 mengada nak delivery prosperity, double pula! or walk to the fridge and grab chocolate or sweet snacks or open the cabinet door where you can see some temptation flavours of instant noodle (but I don't eat instant noodle anymore like a year already) or get your instant pepperoni pizza heated in the oven. Oh my god. You must have passion, and continuity. Jangan nak lembik sangat. Come on, nak kurus kena lah usaha sikit its not like you skip one meal then malam you weigh your weight. What do you expect?! Miracle to happen? Laugh to yourself. Tapi post ni not for any particular girl okay, this is my random post. But seriously, if you betul-betul nak kurus please tanamkan dalam diri you, nekad. Its not a simple thing. Or or or rasa nak cepat kurus, get anything like pill or susu diet or tea or super extreme slimming machine or whatever that you believe can help you reduce weight. Okay? Trust yourself. You can do it.

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