Monday, 4 February 2013

You came and now you left.

I saw you. I felt something. I didn't know it was you. They suggested. I rejected. I received a lot of regards. I replied. I was surprised you were the one I saw that day. You added. I approved. We started. We became close. We met. We talked. We shared. We laughed. We teased. We immersed. We excited. We worried. We cared. We anxious. We eager. We went to some places. You're caring. You're matured. You're protective. You're lovely. You're sweet. You're funny. You've principe. You're cool. You're talented. You're talkative. You're something that I've been looking for. We were very happy. That night. That seat. That fan. That computer. That tshirt. That roadways. That restaurant. That music. That tv. That chair. That table. That cola-lemon. That key I hid. That's all. That morning. We were started to not okay. I knew you were surprised. I became afraid of losing. Much afraid. I worried. I cried. People mocked. I did not care. I explained everything. Even before I knew you. Even since long ago. Even since year before. But you refused to understand. You became cold. You ignored. You disappeared slowly. I wondered. Why. I asked Him. Why. I asked Him what was happening. I asked myself. Was that how people feel about first-sight. I wondered. Because it was amazing when I first saw you. I did not ask this to happen. Because it came naturally. I did not ask to fall. Because I fall without I wanted to. I did not want to be seen as weird lady. But I had to prove. I did not want to hurt any party. But I had no guts to say it out. If only I could tell you. How you brought me into good mood. Positive thoughts and vibes. Excited day and night. Happy again. Smile always. But again, you refused to understand me. You stay cold. I'm sad. Still sad. I wish we could still be like before that morning. Because that's what I missed after awhile. I cannot move on. Because I am stranded in memories and good things with you. Even short time. It was wonderful. I am not lying. You're so addictive. I addicted. Again, I did not ask. But it happened. I do not want more. If you do not want too. But please treat me like before. Full of excitement. Full of joy. Full of laughter and jokes. Nicknames given. Share more stories. I miss that feeling. Again, very wonderful. If you read this. I am sorry. I am sorry for messing up everything. For falling. For admiring. For liking. I did not ask. It happened. Naturally happened. Though in a very short time. Please let me smile again. Be happy again. And not worrying about anything. So tonight, I decided to do it. Let Him show me what is the best. If he is the one. Then I will back off. If it is you. I will fight. I am sorry. Very very sorry. About everything that matters. 


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