Wednesday, 6 February 2013


(not a real message, just for the sake of picture)

To that one girl friend, Nadira Azmi. Thanks for this little something. I appreciate your concern and care.
For time being, I really enjoy my life like this. Having fun with everyone, having the chance to talk to everyone, and bla bla bla. So my life is not as sucks as few days before. But to be honest, I've been like this for months already, not these recent weeks je. Maybe everyone sees that has become too obvious dalam beberapa minggu ni lah kan but actually no. You know how 'A smile can hide a thousand pain' but nevermind bcs I macam dah pandai control and balance kan emotion for every situation so far (muahahahaha if my girls read this they might be laughing bcs I am the most kuat-nangis one) But yeah, of course not to be too negative and not to be too positive. Average, less judge,observe and listen more.

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