Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I think I had mistaken your kindness and politeness. But yet I think you yourself had mistaken my clumsiness, how i talked about silly things these few days with something else. I am sorry if I made you feel that way, made you think I am bad. Ehhh?  But no actually because I am that kind of girl who's easily get attached to somebody. Even my bestfriends, I treat them like lovers. I macam sweet sweet lady lah. Hahaha okay no. It's just, I am myself. I am naturally like this. Possessive overcaring overthinking (always) and manja hihi.

But but but but but.. 

Who cares ? Things actually settled already. I am way better than days before.
I was mad. Emotion unstable bla bla bla.
But today. This week. I can already enjoy my breakfast. Eat marshmallow for lunch.
Life is good after all. Life is perfect if I care less about some matters. 
Well, no pain no gain right. 

I stalked your twitter. You were missing somebody.I definitely have zero idea who's that babe. 
At least I can loosen up the stress-knot a bit. To less over think or overexcited. 
So, I am at ease to know everything is back to normal now.  

So, peeps.. 
Whatever yg happened, ada buruk baik nya. Tapi tak salah mencuba kalau nak.
Life experience right. Doesn't matter org kutuk ke, especially those yang know nothing tapi put their nose in our business ni. Just shoot their headddd. Oh no joke. Lol. 

Thank you for always and alwaaaaaaays being very supportive and hold my back. 
I truly love you girls

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